Metro Council Booze Vote Is A No-Brainer, Right?

Mayor Greg Fischer has closed the door on any new tree protection ordinance or even a stop-gap, “no-net-loss” tree policy — at least for now. Fischer sent his economic development director Ted Smith to the Louisville Metro Tree Commission meeting yesterday evening — the first since the commission questioned the mayor’s resolve on his pledge to restore the city’s shrinking tree canopy and expanding urban heat island. [C-J/AKN]

Animals are no longer allowed on the Big Four Bridge. This comes after months of debate. Maybe it’s time to ban lazy, disgusting pet owners instead of dogs. [WDRB]

General Electric Co discovered it was financing a small number of firearm purchases in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings – despite deciding five years ago to avoid the practice – and moved to stop future loans, the company said on Wednesday. [HuffPo]

A University of Louisville chemistry professor has been awarded a 2014 Fulbright Distinguished Chair, which he will use to travel to Sao Paulo University in Brazil. [WHAS11]

The Federal Aviation Administration is seeking a four million dollar penalty from UPS for not complying with federal safety rules. [WFPL]

The metro council is expected to vote Thursday on whether to allow restaurants to sell alcohol earlier on Sundays. [WLKY]

Again, that’s not going to play out like liberals want it to. Tom FitzGerald, whose name is synonymous with environmental protection in Kentucky, is considering a possible run for the U.S. Senate next year against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell. [H-L]

A 35-year-old man with a long criminal history pursued the murders of three Kentuckiana people, according to police. [WAVE3]

In a major step toward ending the city’s reliance on coal by 2025, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved a far-reaching plan to amend its agreement with the Intermountain Power Project in Utah to convert it to renewable energy. [HuffPo]

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson said Wednesday that he will convene a grand jury following the deaths of Jaime Clutter, 35, and her two children, whose bodies were discovered in a creek in New Albany’s Binford Park on March 13. [News & Tribune]

The group planning to reopen Kentucky Kingdom wants more time to raise the money to refurbish the amusement park and is expected to get a 60-day extension from the Kentucky State Fair Board when it meets Thursday morning. [C-J/AKN]

The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a $4 million fine for Louisville-based UPS Airlines for alleged violations of safety regulations. But UPS Airlines, a division of Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc., plans to challenge the FAA findings. [Business First]

4 thoughts on “Metro Council Booze Vote Is A No-Brainer, Right?

  1. The bridge dog thing, when I was up there, looked like partly a design problem, there were almost no garbage cans along the span, the way its built its difficult to clean it, almost no drains.. this may be deliberate to avoid stuff dropping into the river from the bridge. It’s not very dog friendly up there.

  2. The Big Four needs a nice new coat of brown paint and sponsorship pledged by UPS. Then it can be christened “Big Brown.” 😀

  3. Guss-Nor is it bike friendly on pretty weekends. I went to see the bridge shortly after it opened and it was packed. These guys on bikes looked disgusted because it was very difficult to traverse the span that day. I laughed at these guys with their faux biker clothes. They had to walk the bike most of the way.

  4. Just like local government had absolutely no problem with smoking until Brown & Williamson packed up their money and left town, I’m sure there won’t be a problem with promoting liquored-up, frat-house partiers until Brown Forman does likewise.

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