Did Progress Kentucky’s Shawn Reilly Have His Drugs & Gun Criminal History Expunged?

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By James Higdon and Jacob Payne

Progress Kentucky’s Shawn Reilly, the figure at the center of the Mitch McConnell audio recording controversy, appears to have a criminal past beyond what was previously known, that 1) involves drugs and firearms, and 2) appears to have been covered up.

We first noticed a mention in an October 2003 story from WAVE3, when Zachary Scarpellini, Reilly’s roommate and best friend since eighth grade, was shot and killed in the Highlands neighborhood in Louisville.

Murder Victim Had Troubled Past

Even Scarpenelli’s closest friends tell WAVE 3 news that he good Samaritan description seems out of character. “No matter what was told, Zach’s not stupid enough to act like a dumb person and try and save the world,” said one of his closest friends, Marianne Sharp.

Court records indicate the victim and his roommate had a history of confrontations and drug trafficking. “Back in February he was arrested along with a co-defendant for possession of Valium, and they also had a firearm,” said AssistanValiumty Attorney Ingrid Geiser.

Scarpellini’s co-defendent in that case is his roomate, Shawn Reilly.

Metro narcotics officers say the 3,000 Valium tablets were imported from Romania.

Geiser says that, “back in June of this year, he (Scarpellini) pled guilty to posession of a controlled substance in the third degree.”

Scarpenelli was also supposed to face a judge Tuesday morning in connection with an alleged assault last summer.


“He just came up and he grabbed me and threw me and grabbed my arm and threw me up against my car and made a dent on my shoulder,” said Jenks. “He kind of threw me on the ground and the whole time he was just like screaming, and threatening to kill me.”


In August of 2001, Shawn Reilly took out two criminal complaints on two men, who allegedly tried to assault Scarpellini. Police say that investigation is wide open.

This seemed like a simple enough fact to re-report. If Reilly and Scarpellini had been arrested with drugs and a firearm, obviously there would be a record of it. However, when we checked the clerks’ offices at district and circuit courts in the Jefferson County Courthouse, we found nothing; federal court clerk, also nothing; Louisville Metro Police Department, Louisville Metro Corrections, the archives in the old jail, the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort? Zip, zero, zilch, nada; which we found to be curious.

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