Your Weekly House Republican Video Funtimes

This week the State House Republicrats pat themselves on the back over automobile titles, Epi Pens (ignorantly gutted by educators) and who knows what else:

We still maintain that watching Jeff Hoover (R-Almost As Weak As Damon Thayer) hand Larry Clark his hind end was the best moment of the session.

This sort of update has been a thing for a couple years with the Republican Party of Kentucky. The Kentucky Democratic Party still does not see fit to connect with those outside of Frankfort, unfortunately.

7 thoughts on “Your Weekly House Republican Video Funtimes

  1. I am glad that Hoover stood up to Larry Clark. He did not need to treat anyone so disrespectfully. Larry Clark was a protégé of Jerry Bronger back in the day. It’s our own fault, he is so powerful we are afraid of what he will do to us and our families. I think Larry Clark took the same etiquette class that Al Capone took years ago.

  2. Thanks Larry for keeping the repugliklans in line. Load mouth Hoover did a great job grand standing.
    Debbie, what power does Larry Clark have over us and our families? I did not know he was the boogy man.

  3. First: Larry Clark is a homophobic bigot. Possibly one of the worst legislators in Louisville history. So bad, in fact, that organized labor and JCTA supported that silly UPS guy over him two cycles in a row.

    What did he do that was remotely close to keeping Republicans in line? Beyond throw his ego out when a Republican attempted to explain their vote – which they’re allowed to do – even when we disagree with them.

  4. Gary, I know you have been in the political world long enough to know that if Larry Clark wanted to get revenge on you he has the power to do it. I understand that you have been a friend of his for a long, long time but he is out of control. I mean way out of control. I’m not sure if you own your own business but you would be amazed how many government offices have control over your permits etc. One call from someone very powerful and your nightmares have just started.
    So if you want to kiss Larry Clark’s behind for his scrapes thrown to you, go ahead. That Loud mouth as you call him Hoover was defending the treatment of a fellow legislator who served 23 years in the military. I hate yellow dog Democrats who defend rude behavior by a fellow Democrat. If you really believe in good government, than you can not with a clear conscience support Larry Clark.

  5. The last sentence should have said Larry Clark’s behavior demonstrated to his fellow legislator. Sorry, I sent it to fast.

  6. Thanks for the name calling Debbie. You want to talk about disrespect of Larry Clark but you want to do the same thing? But then, I consider the source.
    Yes my dog is yellow. But he is not a democrat. He is a lab.

  7. I read the post twice and I don’t think I did any name calling other than say I hate yellow dog democrats, I can say that, I am a democrat. I was not being disrespectful to you or Larry. Gary you have always been a funny, nice, even tempered kind of guy why would you ever condone that kind of behavior? If your statement about considering the source is about me, well I think I have already earned my feathers in this community, hopefully I stand for good government. I really don’t think you want to get in a pissing contest with me, ever. Peace.

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