This Is Why Louisville Can’t Have Nice Things

Yesterday at 3:52 P.M. Eastern, the hottest news in Kentucky should have been a discussion of just how badly Frankfort is screwing everybody.

But a local newspaper didn’t think so:

It was all about basketball, a story about tablets and a bunch of information about some celebrity freezing her eggs and revealing her bra size.

And you wonder why Louisville can’t have nice things. No wonder Dan Klepal left.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why Louisville Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Jake, I agree with you completely, but it’s that time of year where nothing gets done for the next two weeks while basketball reigns supreme. And it will happen again in mid-April when all the Derby nonsense gears up. It’s a matter of life in this region.

  2. Jake: Bingo on that comment. I can’t remember when government really got serious about something around here.

  3. Jake: Oh I forgot one thing it really gets seriious about — nameing ‘stuff’ for mental midgets who have graduated to higher positions (proving the Peter Principle). Let’s see: The Cooksie MSD building, the Happy Pants Airport. I’ve got a good suggestions: The Mayor Dave ‘skate park’, The Cordish Gift St. Live, The House of Cards (Yum), Main Street could be changed to The greatest comment about all this bullroar came from The Greatest. When told that the BoA was renaming Walnut Street for Muhammad Ali, The Greatest said “That’s a shame, because I was planning on changing my name to “Walnut Street.” !!!!

  4. Correction: I get to typing too fast and flub up. The House of Cards (Yum), Main Street could be change to — “Rickey Rode”. [now is supposed to beging with — The greatest comment. . . .] Got to slow down.

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