Republican Hypocrisy On Prisoners Takes The Cake

Can you believe the latest hypocrisy in Frankfort?!

The Republican Party of Kentucky is losing its mind.

For years, Republicans have been fighting to keep reformed felony offenders who have paid their debt to society from ever having the right to vote.

Now? Those same Republicans are claiming felony offenders currently in prison need representation!


House Republicans are saying the new proposed district boundaries are out of bounds because the proposed map leaves out federal prisoners housed in five counties, which has a population ripple effect on the rest of the state.

As Pure Politics reported on Monday, House Democrats drew up one version that counted federal inmates and one that didn’t.


Not only did that affect the size of proposed districts in those counties, but it also reduced the total population of the state, and, thus, the idea population of a House district. Under the House Democrats’ proposal, it’s now 43,308 — 86 fewer than the ideal districts under last year’s proposed map that counted the federal inmates.

“That’s how they’re going to make an unconstitutional plan constitutionally is to manipulate the data,” said Steve Robertson, the Kentucky Republican Party chairman, in a phone interview.

It’s literal, crazy hypocrisy at its finest.

National voting rights organizations are going to flip their lids. The Kentucky Democratic Party should be pouncing on this.

Fitting that Kentuckians For The Commonwealth/Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition are holding a rally in the Capitol rotunda today at 1:00 P.M. to push House Bill 70:

AN ACT proposing an amendment to Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to persons entitled to vote.

Propose to amend Section 145 of the Constitution of Kentucky to allow persons convicted of a felony other than treason, intentional killing, a sex crime, or bribery the right to vote after expiration of probation, final discharge from parole, or maximum expiration of sentence; submit to the voters for ratification or rejection.

Hopefully supporters will take note that HB 70 is now waiting in the Senate’s Local Government Committee, where it will likely die. Because Republicans have their cake and want to eat it, too.