Louisville Should Force A CERS-KERS Separation

Alexcia Simmons has been named the Kentucky Youth of the Year by Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) for her sound character, leadership skills and willingness to give back to the community. [WDRB]

The public has been invited to open-house events for the east-end crossing of the Ohio River Bridges Project. [News & Tribune]

A Louisville man has been arrested for allegedly robbing someone trying to sell him an iPad on Craigslist. [WHAS11]

CoventryCares of Kentucky, the Medicaid health plan affiliate of Coventry Health Care Inc., said Wednesday that it has renewed its contract with KentuckyOne Health Network. [H-L]

The trial for a Louisville Metro police officer accused of pushing and slapping a handcuffed robbery suspect is under way. David Graham is charged with harassment and official misconduct, both misdemeanors. [WLKY]

The University of Louisville’s board of trustees Thursday approved a buyout offer for faculty and staff that the university estimates will save at least $2.5 million a year. [C-J/AKN]

An advisory opinion from Attorney General Jack Conway didn’t do anything to clear up disagreements between Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and Democratic Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo about legislating a “regulatory framework” to grow hemp in Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

Jeffersonville Financial Director and City Controller Monica Harmon has announced that she is leaving her post effective immediately. [WAVE3]

After a lengthy partisan battle that lasted hours into the night, a bill that would allow Kentuckians to ignore laws that they say violate their religious beliefs cleared the state Senate. [WFPL]

Wait, there’s wine in Bullitt County? For Bullitt County’s four wineries, business is a family affair. Husbands and wives work together, and grown children assist as well. [Business First]

CERS on its own would be way more efficient than Kentucky Retirement Systems. That would be terrific news for Metro Government. [Page One]

4 thoughts on “Louisville Should Force A CERS-KERS Separation

  1. “On Hiring ‘Rising Stars’ at UofL’

    One hopes that the buyout of faculty does not mean the hiring of such “rising stars” as Robert Felner. He supposedly hand the huge grants, too–like “rising faculty stars.” I do hope any ‘rising stars’ hired do teach more, rather than just accumulating a bunch of useless grants that no one will miss.

  2. A ‘rising star’ in the 21st Century academia would require a $2-300k annual salary. So if the local university can find them and convince them to come HERE they can get about 7 of them IF this is a continuing revenue source.

  3. “Response to Highlander”

    UofL doesn’t mind spending big money on “rising stars” (some who never pan out) or “rising administrators” (some who go to prison). Given the past “Bucks for Brains” program, one wonders whether any of that money gets down to earth with students. And many academic grants are as useless as one’s appendix, yet they bring in “rising stars” and dastardly folks like Felner. Enough said.

  4. Why is it in the state of Kentucky we take one step forward and then three steps back? Look at the religious freedom bill, the hemp bill, the pension reform bill etc…. If we didn’t have such serious issues facing this state it would be comical instead of sickening.

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