Faux Family Foundation Freaks Out Over HB279

You’re familiar with House Bill 279 at this point and already know that it would, according to the Governor’s Office:

  • Weaken local civil rights laws
  • Impact implementation of new Common Core Standards in schools
  • Negatively impact economic development efforts
  • Adversely impact the enforcement of drug laws
  • Add additional financial burden on local governments
  • Allow the withholding of needed medical care or use of religion as a justification for abuse

But you’ll never hear that from the faux “Family” Foundation folks. They’ll never discuss increased litigation costs, decreases in federal funding, threatening public health, the refusal to provide needed medication or services. It’s all about fear and anti-gay hype for those closet cases.

Hilarity, folks! The faux “Family” Foundation has issued a dire email warning:

This is critical . . . act as though your life depends on it.
(Your religious freedom really DOES!)
March 22, 2013

Dear Friend –

House Bill 279 – The Religious Freedom Act – has been vetoed. A deeply spiritual battle is taking shape. This engagement will be decided before Tuesday (March 26) is over and it will have implications for your children and your children’s children – and it actually will have implications for the nation. We, together, must be found faithful – we are on the “firing line.”

Our weapons are spiritual, they are not carnal, and they will prevail. What the other side (gay and lesbian groups) has done is make this a battle about whether their will can be imposed on others of us regardless of our religious beliefs. In short, they want this bill to fail so they can “rule” via city ordinances. HB 279 does not address those groups – it simply restores what was lost with the Oct. 25th Kentucky Supreme Court decision last year.

Haha! A “deeply spiritual battle is taking shape” and, apparently, your life depends on it.

Also, gays.

Waaaait, gays, it gets better. From another faux “Family” Foundation email blast…

You’ll want to read the rest of the hilarity by CLICKING HERE