Joe Arnold Actually Kicked Butt & Took Names

We love to give Joe Arnold crap because he’s one of the few remaining political reporters on local teevee.

But he’s right on this one (read from the bottom up):

A lazy local newspaper reporter couldn’t be bothered to do actual reporting on the “OMG ASHLEY JUDD NUDITY!!!1!” non-story. So Joe Arnold decided it was necessary. And he defended himself appropriately.

9 thoughts on “Joe Arnold Actually Kicked Butt & Took Names

  1. We all know that Ashley Judd is not qualified to run for this office. Shame on the people who are pumping her up with words to even think about getting in this race. I don’t like however how it has turned into nude pictures of a woman who has been a cheerleader for our state for years. She is one of us guys…. don’t drag her thru the mud. Just bring out her qualifications and how important the issues are in this country. Mitch should never stoop to that kind of dirty smear campaign on anyone, ever. The Progressive Kentucky and others who have been putting her up to it should be tarred and feathered!

  2. I agree with Debbie. I just can’t see her being qualified to run for office. But if she did who really cares about her doing nudity in movies. Big deal. That has nothing to do with anything on this topic. We all have skeletons in our closets. She would probable be more honest than most of the politicians that we have anyway. I think that mud slinging they do during elections is a bunch of BS. Its actually kinda sad.

  3. What, exactly, are the qualifications to run for a political position in Kentucky? Power hungry? Easily corruptible? Sex crazed? Amoral? Love long walks along sandy beaches paid for by big corporations? High school diploma or equivalency?

  4. i just want to know how someone that lives in tenn, yes before someone skews me, she really does live in tenn, can run for the senate in kentucky?

  5. The Constitution uses the term “inhabitant” instead of “resident” to allow prospective candidates who work outside their home states for long periods of time to run for the Senate. There is no specific length of inhabitancy requirement to become a senator, however.

  6. In 1966 a Hollywood radio, film and TV star ran for Governor of California. He had no prior political office experience. He ran on the theme of “send the welfare bums back to work”. That career change worked our well for him. He also is the only divorced man to become president.

    Who knows, it may work out real well for a female radio, film and TV star who is going through a divorce.

  7. Steve: To compare Ronald Reagan with Ms. Judd is akin to comparing Secretariat with a plow horse. Ms. Judd has no objective experience in anything — whereas Reagan had volumes of experience involved in many things, including, representing the Screen Actors Guild against McCarthy’s charges that a lot of actors were communists, etc. If Kentucky elects her into the U.S. Senate it will make an even bigger fool of itself — imagine: Rand Paul and “UK TeeShirted” Ashley Judd standing side by side at the next State of the Union address. OMG

  8. They tied to crush Scott Brown in MASS for his modeling photos. Seems its ok to let a Dem women slide but if its a Rep then let’s crush them. It’s always a 2 way street media wise. If you run then be ready to have your past brought up.

  9. I agree with Highlander about Ronald Reagan and I loved how he refused to be an informant for McCarthy. I just hate the negative races. I still think the airwaves shouldn’t be consumed with ashley Judd did a sex scene in a movie. I just think that Mitch is better than a dirty campaign smearing a fellow Kentuckian like that.
    If Brian is right no one will ever run for elected office…democrat or republican. I would hate to see the dossier that could be put together on me. The long and short of it is the DNC will have alot of coaching if they ever want her to be able to appear in a debate with Mitch. Whether you love him or hate him the man is extremely smart and knows his stuff.

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