Woah, Louisville Got Some Good Green Press!

Louisville’s congressman expects just one part of the president’s gun control plans to pass Congress this year. He sees it as a start in efforts that re-awakened the nation and Louisville’s interest in gun violence issues. [WDRB]

When storms, disease or old age down trees and limbs in city parks, the wood waste will now be sold and turned into energy that helps power Louisville companies and organizations—instead of going to the landfill. [Biomass Magazine]

The Office of Surface Mining has awarded Kentucky a $40 million grant to eliminate environmental hazards caused by past coal mining. [WHAS11]

Here’s an OMG fact for you: The Kentucky legislature didn’t go on record against slavery until 1976 — 111 years after the 13th Amendment prohibiting involuntary servitude became the law of the land. [H-L]

Organizers held a pro-gun rally Saturday at the Knob Creek Gun Range in Westpoint. The “Day of Resistance,” event was one of several demonstrations held across the country. Those who attended said they hope to protect the second amendment in light of President Barack Obama’s push for tougher laws. [WKYT]

Steve Beshear has appointed Emily Bingham, a historian and the daughter of late Courier-Journal publisher Barry Bingham Jr. to the University of Louisville Board of Trustees. She replaces the late liquor magnate Owsley Brown Frazier, who died in August. [C-J/AKN]

Some changes are on the horizon at University of Louisville Hospital, but most won’t immediately be noticeable when the hospital’s joint operating agreement with KentuckyOne Health Inc. takes effect next Friday. [Business First]

Way to go, Southern Indiana. The body of a middle-aged, white male, was found in a field on Holman’s Lane in Jeffersonville Sunday morning. [WAVE3]

Just a reminder that the Kentucky School Boards Association is manufacturing talking points to fight against potentially saving kids’ lives. [Page One]

This is what Southern Indiana has been fighting about for years. Some movement finally took place on a bond being sought by the Jeffersonville-Clarksville Flood Control District. [News & Tribune]

Way to go, Kentucky, with your fun anti-gay discrimination. After being mocked and teased by co-workers and superiors at work, some of whom constantly referred to him as “twinkle toes”, the center forced him to resign in spite of his spotless record. He sued for wrongful termination and, though the judge agreed that he had been treated unfairly, there is no Kentucky state law regarding anti-gay discrimination at the workplace. [BuzzFeed]

4 thoughts on “Woah, Louisville Got Some Good Green Press!

  1. “Might Someone Really Say Something at UofL?”

    Even though Emily Bingham gave money to Beshear’s campaigns (which smacks of cronyism), she might well be a refreshing antidote to the sleep-walking, nodding-to-Jimbo crowd that has long inhabited the UofL Board, non-operating in sitting cadaver-like fashion.

  2. Glad to see that wood waste is going to be put to use, in a known ‘green house gas negative’ manner.
    I’ve long said, a thinking man would NOT pay someone to haul off a perfectly good energy source…and bury it.

  3. I hear Fischer is creating a new division to oversee the green retrofitting of all Metro owned buildings. It’s to be called the Department of Redundancy Department and rumor has it he’s literary scouring prison half-way houses for reliable former department heads to fill the $100,000 per year position before the upcoming fiscal year.

  4. Nova C.: The Department of Redundancy Department won’t be the only redundant thing a couple years from now!!!!!!

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