Woah, Everybody Got Really Angry At JCPS

Yesterday, House Bill 105 passed 87 to 9 in the State House. It’s kind of a major deal. Allows for bench trials to determine competency for guardianship. Maybe some of the most important legislation to hit this decade. When you have a loved one who is aging or dying and your drug-addled family is ruining things? You’ll discover just how important this is. Joni Jenkins has outdone herself with a piece of legislation yet again. [Pass It, Senate!]

A new state study reveals only two of the 18 lowest performing schools in JCPS are making “acceptable progress” toward improved student achievement. And comments from the state education commissioner comparing JCPS efforts to “academic genocide” brought defensive remarks from board members and the superintendent on Monday night. [WDRB]

If you missed it last week, Jerry Miller supports moving CERS outta KRS. It’s one of the only actions that can save Metro Government from the Kentucky Retirement Systems disaster and Democrats are terrified to discuss it. [WFPL]

A heated exchange took place inside a Jefferson County courtroom on Monday morning, after a judge accused a murder suspect of threatening to kill two previous attorneys. [WHAS11]

Louisville is apparently the number three hardest city in the country to find a job in. Greg Fischer will attempt to spin this into a positive. [Forbes]

A Louisville mother, delivering newspapers, had her car stolen with her two children in the back seat. It happened Friday morning in Louisville’s west end. [WLKY]

Remember when we were the only media outlet in town questioning the impact of that Humana segment’s departure from downtown? [Business First]

A killer is back on our streets. A staggering rise in heroin use is tearing families apart and sending ripple effects through every corner of our community. [WAVE3]

Maker’s Mark needs a flipping reality check if they think this is an acceptable way to do business. Dropping alcohol content is a quick way to lose a sizable chuck of their customer base. Three percentage points is just under SEVEN PERCENT less of the good stuff. [The Consumerist]

Some costumes and masks worn at a Highland Hills Middle School basketball game were perceived as racist by parents in the stands Thursday night, but New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. officials insist the students were just participating in a school spirit event. [News & Tribune]

Kentucky House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark has introduced legislation to prohibit Louisville from paying legal fees for a Metro Council member or other metro official named in an ethics complaint. [C-J/AKN]

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  1. Makers Mark, when there’s a shortage you raise the price, don’t drop the quality. Being expensive is part of your brand.

  2. “I personally would not have seen that coming,” Duncan said.

    Seriously? Couldn’t have seen that a crackdown on one type of addicting narcotic would make addicts turn to a substitute narcotic? Hoocoodanode?!?!

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