The Inside Scoop On Your Late Newspapers

Yeah, we know, no one is too worried about it but we thought we’d share the inside scoop on this:

That’s on the bottom of P1 of a local newspaper. But they left a little bit of information out.

Turns out the “computer system problem” was Gannett-wide.

The system used for all papers failed (apparently everything goes through a new-ish program called Newsgate), which seems to be happening more frequently now than in years past.

Our insiders at the paper tells us that:

  • The state edition of the paper was an hour late to press
  • The combined Indiana/Metro edition was nearly two hours late
  • But don’t worry, USA Today was only 30 minutes late

You’ll be comforted in knowing that the 18,000 or so USAT papers were that much more important than your local news.

1 thought on “The Inside Scoop On Your Late Newspapers

  1. I used to be an avid CJ reader. Now that we are not the first on their list for customer satisfaction, I have given up reading this rag and gone on to other media. The Ville Voice is a great way to get LOCAL news and information. And the CJ just keeps digging their hole deeper and deeper. Makes you wonder if they REALLY want this paper to succeed!

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