Some Interesting Arena Tidbits For Filing Away

We get a lot of questions about the fancy new arena downtown and the Arena Authority. Lately, those questions almost always include mentions of the University of Louisville. Could that be because the majority of those connected to the construction of the Yum! Center are either boosters, board members or otherwise connected folks at UofL? We may never know.

But it’s still a good idea to take a look at some important names and businesses involved in everything. This post is just for the sake of having the information easily accessible in a single location when arena matters eventually arise.

When the bond deal was falling apart, Hilliard Lyons agreed to underwrite $30 million – or a 20% stake – and was one of the main underwriters of the Yum! Center bonding. Hilliard Lyons has also been hired as a financial advisor for the Arena Authority. James Allen, Hilliard Lyons’ CEO, is co-chair of the Downtown Development Corporation Board of Directors, a board member of the University of Louisville and board member of the UofL School of Business.

Abel Construction and Advance Ready Mix are owned by the same family. Abel built the University of Louisville men’s basketball and women’s volleyball practice facility at the Yum! Center – along with several other projects at UofL. Abel’s registered agent is Ed Glasscock, attorney for the Arena Authority. Advance Ready mix supplied concrete for the arena. Camilla Schroeder, its president, is a major donor to UofL – along with the company itself.

Ron Carmicle of River City Development did masonry work at the Yum! Center. Carmicle is famously friends with Rick Pitino and is a business associate of his in restaurants that they own together. He’s a UofL donor and was also famously present on the evening of the Karen Sypher shenanigans. He’s vice chair of the Kentucky State Fair Board and a board member of the Daniel Pitino Foundation. He and his son, Chris, are season ticket and suite holders at the arena.

Bruce Henderson is president of Henderson Services. He’s a University of Louisville trustee and is on the UofL Board of Overseers. Henderson was awarded a $20 million contract for electrical work at the arena.

Ed Glasscock, who was previously mentioned as the Arena Authority attorney, sits on the Arena Authority Board, UofL Athletic Accoation, the UofL Board of Overseers and is a major part of Frost, Brown, Todd.

Andy Beshear, the governor’s son, is on the Arena Authority Board and sits on the UofL Board of Overseers.

Alice Houston is the wife of Wade Houston, a current UofL Athletic Association board member.

Lindy Street is an Arena Authority board member and the wife of retired Brown-Forman president Bill Street – who sits on the UofL medical center board.

Bill Summers is an Arena Authority board member and serves on the Louisville Sports Commission.

Todd Blue is a former Arena Authority board member, a donor to UofL and a Yum! Center suite holder.

Larry Bisig is a former Arena Authority board member.

Major Donors to UofL’s $1 Billion Capital Fundraising Campaign (2007-2011)

  • Abel Construction $43,400
  • Advance Ready Mix $68,500
  • Hilliard Lyons $47,300
  • Ed Glasscock $40,200
  • Frost, Brown, Todd $129,466
  • River City Development $10,000
  • Chris Carmicle $380,445
  • Todd Blue $57,200
  • Jonathan Blue $659,801
  • Blue Equity $19,000
  • Larry Bisig $41,700
  • Danny Ulmer $162,000
  • Alice Houston $2,701
  • King Bancorp $103,500
  • Henderson Services $420,350

Arena Authority Board Members Also On UofL’s Board

  • Larry Hayes
  • Ed Glasscock
  • Jim King
  • Danny Ulmer

Arena Authority Board Members Also On UofL’s Athletics Assoc. Board

  • Ed Glasscock
  • Junior Bridgeman

Arena Authority Board Members Also On UofL’s Board Of Overseers

  • Andy Beshear
  • Ed Glasscock
  • Danny Ulmer
  • Jim King

Possibility City.

Update: Someone wrote in to say that Glasscock, Hurt and Downward are not Arena Authority board members despite being listed on that website:

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  1. “Arena Pep Talk”

    Card Booster #1: “Yum, yum, indeed. We’re makin’ hay while all the suckers are losin’ big.”

    Card Booster #2: “And our AD has some more juicy ideas in his hip pocket.”

    Card Booster #1: “To hell with book learnin.’ We’re havin’ one helluva ride. Pass the bourbon, you ole Card.”

  2. Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

    Alive and well in the little ‘town’ on the south side of the north side of the Ohio River, which (thanks to this kind of chicanery) is quickly becoming little more than the largest city in a ‘third world country’ called — Kentucky.

  3. “More Card Chicanery”

    Card Booster #1: ” ‘Third world’? What you talkin,’ Highlander?

    Card Booster #2: “Yeah, never learnt that phrase as a UofL student. We’re ‘world class’ in everythin’, man–especially sports and foolin’ the public.”

  4. Concerned Card Booster #1: Yeah, but what about that academic ranking in USNews & World Report that has us 164th in the nation?

    Card Booster #2: Oh! Fergit that. That’s them Yankees up at Harvord ‘n Yall makin’ fun of us’ens down he’re in God’s Cuntry. Besides “we got Pertino and Jurysich and Combover.”

  5. “Wait Until You Hear This, Highlander”

    It sickens me to learn that UofL is seeking one billion dollars in its current capital fundraising campaign while the following schools (far better than UofL) have recently done the same (in comparison, we are not getting much bang for our bucks): Stanford, U. of Michigan, Indiana U., Syracuse U., Boston U., Texas A & M, UC-Davis, among others. No telling what Jimbo & the Athletic Dept. will do with any money they get. How much will go to true education?

  6. Louisville is the biggest small town in America.. and there’s good and bad in that. The internecine nature of this place never fails to amaze me

  7. I love that some of the people mentioned in this story have taken it upon themselves to go after advertisers, attack them and threaten them, costing me money.

    It’s almost like they want me to dig further and further.

  8. Jake: The protection of undeserved prerogatives, that exist in some of these folks’ minds, is astounding. Your notations in this article are “the truth” and their approach “to the truth” is also, in addition to ‘astounding’ — reprehensible.

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