Maybe Andrew Compton Will Finally See Justice

Kentucky’s public university presidents say they’d like to see the state’s U.S. senators help overhaul the country’s immigration system. [WDRB]

The University of Louisville is considering offering buyouts to longtime faculty and staff in an effort to save $2.5 million as the state’s financial support dwindles. [C-J/AKN]

There’s all kinds of important stuff to cover on the sequester front but how does local media focus in? They talk about potential cuts to Thunder Over Louisville. [WHAS11]

Don’t worry, pension reform is not going to happen in Kentucky – ever. Democrats on a House committee made major changes Tuesday to a proposed overhaul of Kentucky’s ailing pension system, raising the hackles of Republicans. [Bluegrass Politics]

Here’s why television “news” folks should not cover something as complex as the EpiPen issue in Frankfort. The story is so chopped up it’s barely informative. [WAVE3]

An office created before the invention of the automobile and telephone might soon be abolished in some communities if Rep. Adam Koenig, R-Erlanger, gets his way. Koenig is sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment which, if approved by voters, would allow local county governments to abolish the office of constable. [Ronnie Ellis]

Will Andrew Compton ever see justice? Gregory O’Bryan is due back in court today for killing him. Here’s betting that if Compton was a pretty white girl? His body would have been recovered and O’Bryan would already be on death row or serving a life sentence. [WLKY]

In March, Louisville will be home to the British government’s first-ever ‘pop-up consulate,’ a temporary office that will promote Britain as a place to visit and to do business. [Business First]

A motion for summary judgment has been filed in the case of the New Albany Plan Commission versus the Floyd County Plan Commission, as the sides are awaiting a judge to rule on which entity will have control of what is known as the two-mile fringe area. [News & Tribune]

The New Albany police have reversed course on firing Officer Phillip Houchin, reinstating him instead. No reasons were given publicly for the push to terminate Houchin, except to indicate that there were issues about his fitness for duty. [C-J/AKN]

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  1. “Some PR Truth from UofL: Is the Sky Falling?”

    At least PR-man Hebert is more honest than the UofL website on the matter of campus buyouts to senior profs and staff. He points out that the real reason is to enable Card Land to hire at the cheapest price for the least experienced people. The bureaucrats call this “efficiency.” Of course, the huge Foundation coffers (though its poor investments are producing decreases lately) will not be touched. Wouldn’t want to keep JR from dipping his paws into the golden cookie jar.

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