Councilwoman’s Concern Spurred Museum Change

Yesterday, we pointed out concerns expressed by Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott about a slavery exhibit.

This morning, the Frazier Museum’s PR person responded:

The point of the “Spirits of the Passage” exhibition is to bring us together– not cause a divide. So, we’re removing this line from the limited places it was being used in our promotional materials. “Spirits” is intended to encourage people to talk about this uncomfortable topic so that we can learn from it. The point is, look at what these people went through– that says something about the strength and tenacity in all of us, regardless of the color of your skin. It’s also about the horrible things that can happen if people are by-standers instead of up-standers. Please see the exhibition for yourselves and I know you’ll understand our intentions.

Good on them for altering the language of the promotional material.

And good on Councilwoman Scott for bringing it to the public’s attention.

Note: If you want to read more about the exhibit, click here for a Wall Street Journal review.

3 thoughts on “Councilwoman’s Concern Spurred Museum Change

  1. I don’t’ have or want a Twitter account so I can’t access Councilwoman’s Scott explanation for why she found the material offensive. Would someone please explain, specifically, what it was.

  2. Thanks Jake. I clicked on the link, viewed her feed, and there were 4 comments: Ms. Scott’s original statement that you posted, the Museum’s response letting her know they’re changing the offensive text, Scott’s thanking them, and an additional comment by the museum. Plus, there were 3 or 4 people who liked or retweeted the first 3 tweets. But nothing about what was specifically offensive in Only the Strong Survived.

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