A Lesson In Combating Negative Press With GE

What do you do when you’re experiencing a non-stop flow of stories about layoffs and business cuts in Louisville? After you just convinced the public to believe you were moving 500 jobs back to Louisville and wouldn’t ever do anything like cut jobs?

You get your friends at a local business publication called Business First to spin things for you with a bunch of stories in a row like this:

That’s what you do.

2 thoughts on “A Lesson In Combating Negative Press With GE

  1. The ‘spin business’ that has become so pervasive in the local media’s ‘suck up’ and ‘fruity myth’ mentality is doing NOTHING more than enabling the ‘do-nothings’ and “kick-the-can-down-the-field” politicians around here to DO NOTHING.

    AND is doing nothing more than making the public believe that the ‘Kings clothes are just wonderful and so modern and up to date” (all the while the King’s naked!!!!!!!!)

    A prescription for a failed city, if I ever saw one.

  2. Although I try to forget my brief stint working at Business First, I will say in their defense they probably got played by GE just like everyone else did. From the cover image of this week’s print edition I can tell this package of stories was probably in the works for a week if not longer; well before the furlough story came out. I’d guess someone at GE pitched this package with the promise of access, and BF jumped on it. The print edition comes out on Fridays, which is why the stories have that 6 a.m. time stamp. They were likely written and finalized last week.

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