While Mandy Connell Peddles Racist B.S…

Yes, we’re opening calling Mandy Connell a race-baiting instigator who needs to move back to Florida. There is no place in this community for such hate.

She’s now spent a couple years cracking “raccoon” jokes, using the term “half-breed” in reference to Barack Obama and throwing veiled “yellow star” remarks at prominent Jewish leaders like Congressman John Yarmuth.

Her ridiculous remarks have done nothing but drive wedges in this already divided community.

But let’s go ahead and point out why her Hitler-Yellow Star-Gun Control shenanigans are bogus. Click here:

Its origins can be traced back to at least the early 1980s, when opponents of a Chicago proposal to ban handguns invoked it in the largely Jewish suburb of Skokie by “reminding village residents that the Nazis disarmed the Jews as a preliminary to sending them to the gas chambers,” the Chicago Tribune reported. In 1989, a new pro-gun group called Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership began arguing that the 1968 federal gun control bill once favored by the NRA’s old guard “was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation.” (That false claim is still being repeated.)

Go read it all.

This wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t a years-long string of her racist horse crap stretching from Florida to the Commonwealth.

To make matters worse, she attempts to blow her racist, Anti-semitic remarks off as if they’re nothing:

And it seems local businesses like Impellizzer’s are ready to defend her remarks:

Possibility City! We’re sure she’ll be on her streak of blaming the “libs” for the words that have come out of her own mouth for several days.

She has yet to offer a sincere apology that wasn’t cloaked in self-important humor. (Trust us – we know a lot about self-importance.) Maybe it’s time for this city’s leaders – both elected and community – to step up to take this ridiculous foaming at the mouth on.

6 thoughts on “While Mandy Connell Peddles Racist B.S…

  1. From the times I have listened to her program, it appears she does like pushing hate and fear. She especially likes tearing down President Obama, John Yarmuth and basically anyone else that does not believe the way she does.

    I agree she is doing a great job of driving wedges deeper into an already divided community. The folks at WHAS radio must be very proud .

  2. Personally I really enjoy Mandy. I’m Jewish and I’ve never heard her say anything anti semetic. Your article essentially proved you wrong on the fact that the claim that the Nazi’s disarmed the Jews. Whether the law was lifted from Nazi legislation quite frankly is irrelevant, as is the question had any bearing on sending Jews to the gas chamber. Tyrants always disarm the people they seek to control. Quite frankly, you and Mother Jones are working with pure speculation when they said that guns would have had no bearing on what happened to the Jews. Quite frankly, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising would say that just the opposite is true. I lost a relative in the Holocaust, I had to be regaled with the history of it every single day when I was a child by my Grandmother who lost her sister. You and Mother Jones may want to speak to an actual Jew before you start defining what is and isn’t revisionist or anti-semetic. As for the Obama jokes, how about you consider mentioning some of the stuff the left has said about Mitt Romney killing a woman or Ed Rendell saying that it was good that Newtown was so tragic. I would think that someone in the journalistic community would be more supportive of free speech, but apparently not…

  3. Did you listen to the program, Zachary Runyon? Or listen to the interview? Mandy’s remarks were highly Anti-Semitic. In fact, they were so ridiculous that they were brought up on MSNBC with John Yarmuth yesterday.

    This article proved me wrong? Right. I’m totally wrong about Mandy’s remarks, which are archived for anyone to listen to.

    Pro-tip: know what you’re talking about before spewing random garbage. You wingnut Rand Paulbot children need to get a grip.

  4. According to Salon, Hitler’s gun control law wasn’t all that bad considering that it only banned Jews and some other groups from owning guns.

    Really. Go read it. Pathetic.

  5. I’ve found Holocaust survivors tend to take offense at cheap co-opting of the horrors they went through in these situations. It’s an asinine comparison, but it is exactly what Mandy Connell was imported from Florida to do. WHAS used to promote kinder, gentler talk on a whole range of issues. Mandy appears simply to be Clear Channel’s way of adding a local version of the angry conservative. I find these people sad because they live off of cheap talking points. Their radio shows are less about discussion and more about hammering home what you already believe. Nothing about Mandy, from her voice to her attitude is appealing. She doesn’t appear to champion much locally, and she certainly doesn’t reflect well on WHAS.

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