When Will Others Step Up To Do The Same?

A year ago, John Yarmuth was once again donating his congressional salary to charity.

Another year has passed and no other wealthy legislator from Kentucky has bothered to donate their salary.

Like him or not, he’s the only one in Washington who isn’t bilking the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands in salary and benefits.

3 thoughts on “When Will Others Step Up To Do The Same?

  1. I respect Yarmuth a ton for doing that, but I don’t believe it should be obligatory or that other legislators should be pressured to follow him. A job done is worth the compensation that comes with it, and whoever does the job is entitled to the pay regardless of what else they have and whether they need it or not.

  2. Thanks for the concern trolling about people making millions upon millions of dollars per year.

    Though, I don’t see anyone suggesting it be required that mega-wealthy individuals hand over their paltry congressional salary to charity. Just asking when others would do the same.

    You did make a valid point: “whoever does the job…” Which means about 90% of Kentucky’s Washington delegation should be handing over their salary because I see little to nothing done by some of them.

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