Walser’s Job Yesterday: Giant Load Of Horse Poop

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Thieves have been targeting homes in the Highlands, on a street where public figures such as Mayor Greg Fischer and Priscilla Barnstable Brown live. [WDRB]

We’ve been saying something similar for how long now? Major cities in the U.S. are racking up massive pension debts, and Louisville is among the worst in the nation, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Charitable Trusts. [C-J/AKN]

Seventy years ago, in the early days of Rubbertown, there were a lot of dirty jobs. But no job was dirtier than an entry-level post at the B.F. Goodrich plant. Workers called “poly cleaners” climbed into large vats that had held the chemical vinyl chloride to clean them. And now, decades later, some of these men—they’re all men—have developed serious liver problems. At least 26 of them have developed cancer, and all have died from it. [WFPL]

What a load of horse poop. There was a stinky situation as truckloads of horse manure were removed from a vacant lot near one of Louisville’s busiest streets. [WHAS11]

China’s state-controlled Xinhua News Agency criticized Louisville-based fast-food giant Yum Brands Inc. and automaker Volkswagen AG in an editorial, saying the companies are risking losing profits from the country by not ensuring quality measures are met. [Business First]

With construction set to begin on the East End Bridge, the Indiana Department of Transportation is facing noise restrictions from the federal government. [WLKY]

Freudian slip? Here’s what Greg Fischer had to say about Judy Green yesterday: “Judy had a good heart and she loved her community.” We’re guessing no one ever reads what he says before the send button is hit. [Because, Uh, Heart Attack]

The News and Tribune recently sat down with four Jeffersonville City Council members in the wake of a lawsuit being filed against the city’s fiscal body by the Mayor’s office. [News & Tribune]

It’s news that came as a shock to many- Former Metro Councilwoman Dr. Judy Green dead at 57-years-old. Green’s family said she suffered a heart attack overnight Tuesday. [WAVE3]

A Pew Research Center survey on gun laws shows overwhelming support among Americans on a few issues, like closing the so-called gun show loophole; a wide partisan split on more contentious measures, like banning assault weapons; and a glimpse into why the nation’s gun lobby may be so successful. [NPR]

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  1. Well, either the Highlands’ hoity toity have stooped to self-help to pay for Booger Pie’s Sweet 16, or the hoi polloi have finally figured out that the really good stuff ain’t in grandma’s Smoketown shotgun.

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