The Latest Horsey Capital Survey Results Are In

The current economy has increased demand for apartment living in the Louisville area. This is benefiting one locally owned company. [WDRB]

State education officials are urging schools to compete for a national award that recognizes outstanding efforts in environmental impact and health. [WLEX18]

You can’t even ride TARC these days without some woman snorting drugs. [WHAS11]

Gov. Steve Beshear endorsed a constitutional amendment Wednesday to allow local option sales taxes, joining the mayors of Kentucky’s biggest cities and Greater Louisville Inc. in backing the concept to create a local funding alternative for local projects. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky can rightly claim its title as the “horse capital,” at least of the United States, according to results from the 2012 Kentucky Equine Survey. [H-L]

Wednesday morning one talented local elementary student got quite a surprise. Breckenridde(sic)-Franklin fifth-grader Cortez Vinson is the winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby Museum art contest. [WLKY]

Gov. Steve Beshear says he approves of a plan to reopen the Kentucky Kingdom theme park. [WFPL]

Talk surrounding a requested investigation as a result of charges made by Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore on a city credit card are being blown out of proportion, according to several City Council members. [News & Tribune]

This mess about alleged racial discrimination at the University of Kentucky is getting crazier and crazier. [Page One]

Oh, look, the local business media folks have realized that Matthew Barzun may again be a U.S. Ambassador. [Business First]

The search continues for five sisters and another female relative accused of stealing multiple wallets out of hospital nurse’s stations and doctor’s offices. [WAVE3]

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5 thoughts on “The Latest Horsey Capital Survey Results Are In

  1. Disclosure: Haven’t read C-J article because I think I’m out of “free” clicks, but…
    Will ALL the proceeds of a “local option sales tax” actually remain local, for designated local projects? That is, no requirement to share that revenue with 119 other Ky. counties?

  2. Dear G’Town,
    Sure it will, just like the MSD surcharge on the water bill went directly to improving the sewer infrastructure. Or just like tax money went to Cordish, who doesn’t have to disclose what they do with it. I mean, we’re dealing with earnest, honest, hard-working politicians who only want another way to put their hands in our pockets so they can free up general fund money to create even more redendant, useless, high-paying positions for their Buds who can’t find a job any other way. Gosh, I guess we’ll all be job creators like the billionaires, but without the tax breaks.

    As far as doing drugs on TARC is concerned, I guess it’s one way to numb yourself to withstand the other passengers.

  3. Thanks Jake. They’re the result of youthful naivety and bitter disillusionment involved in a head-on collision – sort of like forcing a little innocent puppy dog’s eyes open too soon, or something. Anyway, I like your upfront, non-BS articles and opinions, too.

  4. Nova China, Gtown and Jake: Until the news media in this city decides to do its job and objectively question actions of government despite the possibility that their investigatory work might ‘tar and feather’ their ‘friends’ or endanger their opportunity for ‘scoops’ from politicians — this kind of crap will continue. Jake’s work, LEO’S work and others are doing it right.
    If you want to see another shell-schocker that’s been TOTALLY UN-INVESTIGATED by the local media (due to the concern over adversely effecting ad revenue) and has been completely discovered and researched by a PRIVATE CITIZEN listen to the news around here in the middle of the coming week.
    You’ll be ASTOUNDED to learn how community-important people have secretely put yhe taxpayers into an enormously precarious position — for their own pleasure and benefit!!!!
    It’ll be real interesting to see how our taxpayers react when they learn FROM JUST ANOTHER TAXPAYER HOW ALL THE TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN DUPED. QUESTION: –What will the public do? Sit on their ass? Defend the perpetrators? OR, DEMAND CHANGE? LOUISVILLE’S TEST IS COMING — SOON.

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