Scott Steps Up: Rest Of The Critters Should, Too

Tomorrow, Councilwoman Attica Scott will assist Meals on Wheels delivering food to families in District 1 from 10:30 to 12:30.

“It is important to get out and stay in touch with those people who are home bound or may not have an easy time getting around on their own,” says Scott. “It is also good to be around volunteers who have a sense of duty to the community and enjoy helping other people.”

She’s setting a good example with nearly everything she touches (save the liquor/convenience store silliness) and every other member of the council should take note.

1 thought on “Scott Steps Up: Rest Of The Critters Should, Too

  1. She is probably also getting a true sense of the living conditions & real needs of some of her constituents, although the neediest may be unwilling to participate in that particular program.

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