Maybe The King-Fischer Relationship Is Waning

Waaaait, we thought Kentucky Kingdom was a state thing and had nothing to do with Metro Government?

Here’s what Jim King had to say the other day when addressing the new year at Metro Council:

“In 2013, we will be looking for solutions to reopen Kentucky Kingdom; continuing to improve transparency through continued study and revisions to our policy and procedures; finding solutions for maintaining and reducing vacant properties; issuing bonds for a new southwest regional library, finding more money for paving our streets, addressing the ongoing demands of funding our CERS and meeting further fiscal challenges as we approach the upcoming 2014 fiscal budget.”

Sounds like King is back to trying to do the opposite of whatever Greg Fischer says. Which may be happening because King has come to realize working with Fischer doesn’t really get him anywhere.

Just for you-know-whats and giggles, here are a couple photos King’s office sent around with the quote: