Mandy Connell’s “Apology” Just Aired On 84WHAS

Mandy Connell just said she was “trying to make a point” when she made the Anti-Semitic remark to Congressman John Yarmuth last week. Connell said it wasn’t her intention at all and then said she is “truly, truly sorry” if she offended people. Not sorry that she said the words. Just sorry if anyone was offended.

Then she glossed on over the matter, ignoring the severity of her remarks and went on the attack against President Barack Obama and his “petty nature.”

There you have it.

She won’t take responsibility for her own words. She won’t acknowledge the weight of her remarks.

But you’re not surprised because of her history of racial remarks.

6 thoughts on “Mandy Connell’s “Apology” Just Aired On 84WHAS

  1. You’d think someone that makes their living by running their mouth wouldn’t have such difficulty with meaningless apologies.

    If you’re going to pretend that you actually regret what you said, at least make the lie a good lie.
    Saying “I’m sorry. I regret what I said. It won’t happen again.” isn’t so hard.

  2. Egotistical – characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance; “a conceited fool”; “an attitude of self-conceited arrogance”; “an egotistical disregard of others”;

    That about sums her apology up

  3. @Roger: It’s the “It won’t happen again” part that Mandy chokes on.

    Patterns have been identified that promises that it will happen again.

  4. Like Mandy Connell said in her tweet just six days ago:

    Apparently I’ve got the lib’s knickers in a twist over my conversation with Yarmuth today. I’m crushed. Not really.

    It’s clear that she’s less than concerned about her remarks.

    She’ll continue to do things like this:

    She’ll continue to believe she’s being persecuted (despite her having little knowledge of guns and next to no experience with them, as is the case with most foaming at the mouth) like the more than six million Jewish people who were killed (among the millions and millions of others) after being forced to wear yellow stars. She’ll continue to believe it’s acceptable to use race-baiting language and to refer to Holocaust victims in vain. She’ll continue to play the victim instead of taking responsibility for the hatred and ignorance she spreads.

    The severity of her remarks are lost on her.

  5. She is a single-minded “I am ALWAYS right” person. I have had communication with her regarding the KRS mess. She talks like the retirees are taking money they did not earn, believe me, we paid in, the legislature did not. Her hubby gets a military retirement that he did not pay a dime into. I don’t begrudge him that one bit he earned it serving our country, but how would she feel if they wanted to take that away?

  6. I try to listen in on Mandy’s show occasionally to be open minded. The Monday after Newtown, she said talking about gun control now is as bad as the crime itself. I gave up.

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