How’d That Winter Story Get Ignored By Everyone?

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In a meeting held Monday, the AEG made the Louisville Arena Authority very happy. It also made the Yum Center a mecca for upcoming Louisville events as well. [WDRB]

Woah, go read the November article about Lynn Winter to get a better idea of the hot mess that’s been going on. YOU WILL NOT REGRET READING IT. It is material that could have been pulled straight from a Real Housewives gossip blog but it’s an interview with her. Holy jeebers, it is great. The story is like two rabid drag queens fighting over a chicken wing. That’s how crazy it is. Get the bourbon ready (yes, now! in the morning) because you’ll need it after reading this. [CLICK HERE IMMEDIATELY]

During the month of January, The Shawnee Neighborhood Planning Committee and Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) will host a series of “mobile workshops” in the Shawnee Neighborhood to get resident input on funding priorities in five key areas of the neighborhood. [WHAS11]

It is a seahorse-shaped strip of land in the Ohio River near Portland where bald eagles and herons soar not far from a power plant and dam. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another JCPS bus accident> One student was taken to a hospital for treatment and other students were checked for injuries after JCPS bus was involved in an accident Tuesday morning. [WAVE3]

Looks like Gannett could potentially end up with real blood on its hands over that gun permit list snafu. [Newsday]

He passed away more than a week ago, and Monday the community came together to memorialize Blaine Hudson, a community activist and professor at the University of Louisville. [WLKY]

This would be a big deal if anybody lived there and if the rest of the county wasn’t a flustercuck. The tiny Eastern Kentucky town of Vicco on Monday became the fourth city in the state to approve local ordinances banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. [H-L]

Louisville dropped seven spots but still ranked among the nation’s strongest economic markets, according to the On Numbers Economic Index created by Business First affiliate The Business Journals. [Business First]

For just the second time in program history, the Louisville Cardinals sit atop the latest Associated Press college basketball poll. The Cards are also number one in the USA Today coaches poll. [WFPL]

In its first meeting of the year the Clark County Council handled a number of changes to the statuses of county employees and their salaries. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “How’d That Winter Story Get Ignored By Everyone?

  1. It has been known in the restaurant community for years that working for Lynn could be a nightmare. The restaurant lived on it’s reputation and the last few years became a revolving door of employees. Lynn became an absentee owner with cameras everywhere. She went from quirky to apparently full blown crazy. She takes credit for recipes that her staff developed (one from the mother of a friend that she claimed as her own on national TV) and has not cooked in her own kitchen for years.

    Initially a unique experience, it became kitsch and the quality of the food declined. I happened to see the kitchen once, saw the filthy conditions, and never ate there again. I have no idea how they passed Health Inspections.

  2. I find it amazing that AEG has turned into the ‘new’ Mercury ‘greek god’ who willingly is being used to issue press releases about the fantastic profit that the Yum-Yum is now ‘turning.’

    Need to be careful — because AEG talks about “operating profits” – but fails to define them, except to say they ‘anticipate’ $1.4mm of them and they ‘can be used’ to help pay the principal and interest.

    Won’t help much, though, because the principal payment for 2012-13 will be $22+ MILLION!!!!

    OUCH! Stay tuned for further edification of this messy (but convenient) oversight.

  3. Lynn’s was great when it was on Frankfort Ave. However, I stopped going after they moved and started boiling their potatoes before they were fried. Yuck. The 50s kitsch decor was borderline over when she opened, now its just dusty. Quick, someone call Restaurant: Impossible. Oops, too late. And she’ll never, ever get in legal trouble for breaking labor laws because in the Big Lou you can burn down your restaurant and, if you’re even remotely successful, get away with it.

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