Francene Cucinello Really Is Rolling In Her Grave

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Two weeks from today, we could know if Kentucky Kingdom will reopen. [WDRB]

First the “raccoon” jokes and now this antisemitic “yellow star” mess with John Yarmuth? Mandy Connell, a self-professed close friend of Mark Foley (she was actually on the radio making excuses for him as he was confessing), needs to move back to Floriduh. WFPL may not have the balls to say it but we will: She’s a racist anti-semitic wingnut who is not fit for the public airwaves. Francene is rolling in her grave. [WFPL]

A Louisville Metro police officer is facing criminal charges Thursday night after court records show he was part of a cover up. [WHAS11]

Jeffersonville’s version of Greg Fischer, only worse and more embarrassing, is on a CYA mission. He’s now using taxpayer dollars in an attempt to make himself look great for constituents. [News & Tribune]

One person was killed Thursday afternoon in a crash in eastern Jefferson County. A Louisville metro police spokeswoman said a white Chevy pickup truck heading westbound on Shelbyville Road collided with a green Ford SUV in the left turn lane for North Beckley Station Road. [WLKY]

Medicaid funding to most primary-care health clinics across Kentucky will be cut starting next month, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services said Wednesday. [C-J/AKN]

A man was taken into custody after he was accused of firing shots outside of a Louisville club. According to Louisville Metro police, a large group of people were leaving Phoenix Hill Tavern on Baxter Avenue early Thursday when someone in a car fired several shots towards the crowd. [WAVE3]

Kentucky climbed to 10th place nationally in the 2013 Quality Counts survey of the states’ education performance, released Thursday by Education Week magazine. [H-L]

Louisville often is touted as having relatively short commutes compared with other large cities. But among its peers in the South, the city doesn’t compare as well. [Business First]

Guess it’s true: Republicans in Indiana don’t hate the gays hard enough. Unlike in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, of course, where it’s the Democrats hating the gays. [News & Tribune]

5 thoughts on “Francene Cucinello Really Is Rolling In Her Grave

  1. WHAS Radio went 180 degrees opposite of Francene when they hired Mandy. She is a perfect fit however for hate talk radio.

  2. From a news item I read this morning on a local TV site, Holiday World was embroiled in its own hot issues even while mouthing that they wanted to operate Ky. Kingdom.

  3. You mean this story?

    The family didn’t want to waste its time with Kentucky Kingdom. I hear it was just a couple individuals who wanted to snatch it up – as we reported at the time – in an attempt to keep revenue in Indiana and not Kentucky.

  4. The officer accused, Jackie Miller, is the same guy extolled by the Courier-Journal for working 40 hours a week “off-duty” at a school – while at the same time working 40 hours a work (or more, if one counts court time) for LMPD. How he was supposed to be working 7-3 at the school and then 3-11 for LMPD – except of course on his off-days, I have no clue. (How did he get from the school to the division in zero time? Granted, it isn’t far, but really.) Do we really want cops working 80 hours a week anyway?

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