Don’t Walk Anywhere, You’ll Just Get Run Over

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A shooting at a Louisville nightclub leaves two people injured. This is the second time it’s happened at that joint. Maybe it’s time to close down? [WDRB]

Looks like Mike O’Connell has a little problem on his hands and won’t be getting anything done for the next several months. Maybe even a little ethical hypocrisy, according to Thomas Clay in the story. Outraged by what he calls “disingenuous maneuvering” by defense lawyers in drunken driving cases, Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell has written a fiery letter to district court judges telling them to put a stop to it. [C-J/AKN]

The Lynn Winter circle jerk begins as she tries to get positive press by giving away the food left at her failed restaurant. Maybe she should focus on refunding the tens of thousands of dollars in outstanding recently purchased gift cards and taking care of the employees she kicked to the curb. [WHAS11]

One lawmaker wants to designate the Kentucky long rifle as the state’s official gun. Another would prohibit public employers from buying uniforms made outside America for their workers. Yet another would make acupuncture a licensed profession. [H-L]

Over the past several months, indigenous groups in Canada have been banding together to protest the alleged eroding of their tribal rights. Under the name “Idle No More,” the group has been holding rallies and protests across Canada and internationally. Louisville supporters of the movement held their own flash mob in solidarity yesterday at Mid City Mall. [WFPL]

You really can’t walk anywhere in Louisville without getting killed by a car. [WLKY]

The Louisville metropolitan statistical area boasts more than 19,000 hotel and motel rooms, and more might be coming to Jefferson County. [Business First]

Yes, tip pooling is illegal in Kentucky. Stop forcing your employees to do this if you own a restaurant. Pretending it’s voluntary while firing people who don’t volunteer is may not a good practice, either. [WAVE3]

A fancy traffic stop over in Indiananner netted 46 pounds of marijuana. Which is apparently a big deal. [News & Tribune]

Wait for it, wait for it, you’ll be totally surprised… Senior Judge Martin McDonald, who was removed from two cases last fall for bias, including one in which he threatened to strangle a defense lawyer, has been accused of prejudice again. The Judicial Conduct Commission is sitting on its hands. [C-J/AKN]

No one goes broke being a cynic in Frankfort. But these days, one might want to hedge his bets just a bit. [Ronnie Ellis]

10 thoughts on “Don’t Walk Anywhere, You’ll Just Get Run Over

  1. Though I’m sure many people will miss Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, I visited once and found it just Meh. Worked and lived in Manhattan for a decade, so ‘eclectic’ cafes don’t impress me in the least. And Louisville has a surprising variety of other restaurants for a city its size, so I don’t think Lynn’s Paradise Cafe will be that sorely missed. As long as the Oakroom at the Seelbach remains open, it remains a 5-Diamond AAA restaurant, and Troy continues to work there with his incredible efficiency and personal care, I’m fine and I won’t freak.

  2. Why does this whole Lynn’s closing seem like a PR stunt by Winters to gain support. if so looks like it backfired. from what I have read she doesn’t seem to be well liked. and there seems to be just reason. myself I thought the place was a bit overpriced.

  3. I know the Facebook page created to “save” LPC has apparently backfired. Most of the comments are negative and stories about bad, overpriced food and the poor treatment of employees are growing. Looks like if this was a PR stunt, it failed. IMHO it is an attempt to deflect state and federal investigations.

  4. Cavemouse I think you are probably right on the mark with it being an attempt to deflect state and federal investigations. either way judging by the comments. Lynn as a person and employer wasn’t well liked . as well as the cafe being overrated. according to the Mayor it was a sad day in Louisville with the closing of Lynn’s. I can’t quit laughing at the remark.

  5. This is ironic: I just read the Louisville Magazine profile on Winters over the weekend. I have to agree: the food was so-so but the onion rings were good. You went to Lynn’s for the atmosphere. If the allegations of investigations are true, she’ll be rightfully crucified.

  6. I have visited the LPC and always enjoyed it!….it was a unique place. As far as the closing goes, I’ll bet that Ms. Winters got a bit tired of all the attitude , pushback from employees!….After all, sounds like the Inmates wanted to run the Asylum?

    I’d also say that from many of my visits to LPC, from the looks of the staff, a lot of them probably were able to get jobs there , when they couldn’t possibly fit in anywhere else! After all Purple,Pink,Green hair, excessive Tattoos , nose rings, multiple facial piercings, ,MoHawks, Mulletts, and countless other radical portrayals of body art didn’t make the majority of the staff at Lynn’s star candidates at most Restaurants.

    While I support everyone’s freedom to express
    themselves as creatively as they want….i think that some of the oppurtunity they enjoyed having a place like Lynn’s to fit in with their Lifestyle choices, maybe should have been given consideration prior to bucking the place because of policy changes.

    I certaintly respect and support Lynn’s choice to choose the position she has ….

  7. Oh no!, Not at all!.
    Just think all shouldn’t be so quick to be resistive to change, sounds like LPC might have thrown in the towel instead of going thru the drama of the conflict with the employees. I’d always heard LPC was a place where you were welcome to work no matter what your style was. Have many times heard it was a place a lot of second chancres got second chances, To gain another start at employment and welcomed openly. I don’t think too many other places fit that bill.Not busting on anyone! Just sayin.

  8. Your thoughts would maybe be acceptable if this were 1950. And if Lynn Winter hadn’t been featured in that November Louisville Magazine profile.

    And… maybe if all this drama about her breaking the law and refusing to deny it hadn’t already come to light.

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