Another First Ignored/Missed At Your LMEMS

You know how Louisville’s EMS was supposed to be the premier service in the country?

Well…. Richmond (the LMEMS head, not the town) is talking this issue to death instead of doing anything about it and flipping Ashland/Boyd County is light years ahead of Louisville:

The odds are against a patient surviving cardiac arrest but the Boyd County Emergency Ambulance Service has implemented a new life-saving technique that is already boosting survival rates locally.

On Jan. 1, the Boyd EMS became the first ambulance service in the state of Kentucky, and one of only a handful in the eastern United States, to induce hypothermia in the field in patients that have a return of a spontaneous pulse after suffering cardiac arrest.

The technique is used already inside many medical centers, but by implementing it sooner en route to the hospital, survival rates are being shown to improve significantly.

Guess old dude was too busy doing research – on the Louisville taxpayer’s dime – in New York City to have LMEMS be tops at anything.

3 thoughts on “Another First Ignored/Missed At Your LMEMS

  1. I have to ask, who is supposedly to be overseeing Richmond? Who is keeping track of his comings and goings? Obviously he’s smart enough to be here when he’s expected to be here, but if a major situation arose while he’s gone, who stands in his stead?

  2. @JTT,

    Richmond has little to do with the service, aside from functioning as a talking head. He is the medical director, in so much, that the protocols have to be approved by him, but as for mass casualty situations that would be handled by the “SMRT” team and our EMT Car 2 Lee Dennison, yes the head of one of the largest ems agencies around is only an EMT. Since that car 1 spot seems to never be filled, Dennison is serving as Car 1 and 2, see that as CEO and COO of a business. Any situation that arises would be handled, but mostly because of the tireless efforts of the street crews that keep that service from completely collapsing.

  3. Allegedly, LMEMS is under Public Safety. It has always seemed that EMS is not a priority there, so I guess he flies under the radar.

    If a major situation arose, Car 1 should be in charge, but since they have never replaced Car 1, Car 2, Lee Dennison, would be the one. It probably be better if MD 1 (Richmond) is not in charge of a major incident, he is not good at that (or much of anything else).

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