Lately, Some Things Are Better Left Unseen

One of the reasons (too many to list) well-known reporters have been fleeing A Local Newspaper for the past couple years?

Yesterday – the day before one of the most important legislative sessions in decades – the paper was four sections and just eight sheets of paper.

Today? Same thing.

It’s an absolutely jarring sight to see.

Disgruntled staffers will personally attack us in 3, 2…

8 thoughts on “Lately, Some Things Are Better Left Unseen

  1. Still saw a picture of ole’ Happy Pants rubbing Lincoln’s toe to bring him luck — and he says he does it all the time!!!!!!! Wonder if he got up to Frankfort to do some ‘rubbing’ when he gave the Water Company block away for free to Cordish? Or was he ‘rubbing’ when he hired the buffoons at the Animal Shelter, or when he made all the financial blunders that Crit Luallen told us about. Man — looks like he didn’t rub enough, now.

  2. The Monday paper had more pages of ad fliers than pages of the “paper”. It used to be a week’s worth of papers made a substantial bundle for recycling, now it takes 2 weeks to fill a paper grocery bag. Mr. Bingham must be spinning in his grave.

  3. Another mark of Gannett – it started with USA Today (McNews – not much and not satisfying) and now is spreading throughout their entire newspaper family…

  4. I only get the Wednesday- Sunday C/J delivered anymore because Monday & Tuesday are hardly newspapers at all.
    And here’s a good one. Recently on a Friday I didn’t get a paper because of press problems. So I was given a credit on my bill. The amount of credit .21 !

  5. The Paper and the KY Derby both can be sent a message very easily. Cancel your subscription and for 1 year do NOT go to the Derby. A empty infield sends a strong message as does zero subscriptions! Money talks on these groups!

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