Violence Prevention Not Going So Swell, Maybe

We all love Louisville. It really is the new Portland, kinda. But the top travel destination in the United States? We’re all living in a delusional world if we believe that. [H-L]

If you take a look at an alley off Parthenia Avenue in Louisville, you’ll find trash, tires, and old furniture everywhere. “Couches, mattresses,” says Marquis Mosley, who lives nearby. [WDRB]

Just in case you missed it: Kentucky Retirement Systems is even more of a disaster than we previously thought. [Page One]

Let’s get real: the new anti-violence job is a joke. They’re probably trying to hire Christopher 2X. And Chris Poynter commenting about anything in the West End? He’s never been west of 4th Street. [WAVE3]

A national environmental group is proposing a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants across the country. [WFPL]

A sweep on a homeless camp in Jeffersonville, has been put on hold. Homeless people living below I-65 in Jeffersonville have their belongings back that were taken in a sweep. [WHAS11]

The New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety made a few amendments to a parks property and equipment distribution resolution Wednesday before unanimously approving the measure. [News & Tribune]

After 10 months of studying the Kentucky tax system, Gov. Steve Beshear’s tax reform commission plans to hold its final meeting Thursday to resolve what has been its most divisive issue — what rate, or rates, to recommend for Kentucky’s income tax. [C-J/AKN]

Construction employment in the Louisville metropolitan statistical area fell by 3 percent from October 2011 to October 2012, according to a new analysis of U.S. Department of Labor statistics from the Associated General Contractors of America. [Business First]

A 12-year-old boy is continuing to fight for his life in the hospital, 24 hours after being shot in the chest. Louisville Metro Police still have not charged anyone in connection with the case. [WLKY]

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7 thoughts on “Violence Prevention Not Going So Swell, Maybe

  1. Wonder if there aren’t increasing numbers of construction workers working off the books & under the radar.

  2. Congratulations to Doug Hamilton for his new promotion to “I’m in Charge of Everything” Chief. Mayor Jerry harped on young professionals coming back to Louisville. Why would they? The leadership here doesn’t believe in that. I wish Ms. Burns much success in her new position.

  3. I find it disturbing that it’s necessary to go all the way to Connecticut to find someone who can run the Works Department. What kind of message does that send to the nation that there’s no one among the 1.2 million people in this market area who has the talent to run the Works Department of a local government? Troubling – to say the least.

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