It Is Very Important Sadiqa Reynolds Update Time

Whaaat? Sadiqa Reynolds does nothing but cause discontent and unrest within all walks of Metro Government?

You’re wrong.

She also spends a serious amount of time hiring her sorority sisters.

Sure, she’s got a history doing just that. And she’s doing it again and again.

The latest? We hear Katina Whitlock was appointed Assistant Director of Community Services and Revitalization. She was a 2012-13 member of the sorority.

Possibility City!

6 thoughts on “It Is Very Important Sadiqa Reynolds Update Time

  1. This club (or sorority) of incompetence is getting a little ‘old.’ There are men (and women) all over this City who are retired and who have incredible talent that’s been developed for decades during their private business careers. There’s simply no reason for this employment of sorority sisters to continue. Enough is enough. Find THE most talented individuals and hire THEM to handle the City’s business.

  2. sadiqa certainly has room for improvement, but to suggest she had anything to do with katina’s hire is off basis! katina has a world of experience and expertise that metro needs right now. she got that position strictly on her own merit…and if sadiqa was puttin her sorority sisters on, then i’d have a job. i worked in economic development, was laid off and never asked to come back though the dept has hired several new folks who don’t have my background. women who are members of delta sigma theta sorority are college-educated women who strive for excellence at all we do. we have a history of being change agents. as individuals, sure we could work on some things, but plz don’t bash something you don’t anything about. DST is not simply a club… plz check your facts and give ms. whitlock a chance. she is certainly worthy of the hire.. not sure metro is worthy of her!!

  3. To suggest she didn’t have anything to do with the hiring of someone she knows – in her position – is silly.

    I don’t see where anyone questioned her sorority sisters’ integrity or qualifications.

    But to suggest – at a time when there are hundreds of qualified people applying for jobs left and right with Metro – that it’s not worthwhile to question Sadiqa’s involvement in a situation like this? Haha, riiight.

    Way to concern troll something from a month ago, by the way.

  4. first, mrs reynolds had nothing to do with ms. whitlock being hired! additionally, when the causasian good-o-boy net work hires its own, no one cries foul play. hell public works has it share of incompetent hires; as well as an entire family working there, none of which have the educational background or work experience remotely close to ms. whitlocks’. if sadiqua is the problem then deal with that, but shame on you for throwing all members in the same pot!!!!!

  5. Really? You want to make this about race? With me?

    You must have crawled out of Sadiqa’s hateful ass if you think no one complains about or exposes the fat, white, bigoted good old boy network in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

    And Public Works? Have you any idea where you’re commenting?

    Anyone associated with Sadiqa – and she was involved in that hire – gets to be discussed. Besides, she’s a public employee. Her hire is public record. The fact that she is so tight with Sadiqa basically guarantees questions will be raised.

    If there was no issue? You would have stopped trolling long ago. You would have answered the question and moved on. But you didn’t.

    You Sadiqa trolls need to crawl back into the bitch troupe you came from. Yes, I will own it. I think Sadiqa is one of the most incompetent, hateful, spiteful and down right ridiculous employees on the city payroll. Listening to the way she has treated people working for LMAS, Public Works, people outside Greg’s office and such? I think she’s a full-on bitch who needs to be cut down a notch or two. Or, better yet, given a desk job outside of government.

    And the way she has allowed LMAS and other agencies to spiral out of control?

    HAHA, right. Save it. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

    Sadiqa is fucking with the wrong homo.

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