Maker’s Mark Blames Cordish Cos. For Mess

Of course it is Cordish that is responsible for that mess (even if the guy is a bit nutty, allegedly).

From Maker’s Mark:

We wanted to share our response to media stories regarding the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge. Be assured that Maker’s Mark will take the appropriate actions in this situation.


Maker’s Mark licenses its name and trademark to a third party appointed by Cordish Operating Ventures, LLC, which is solely responsible for the ownership, operation and management of the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in Louisville Kentucky. Maker’s Mark has no ownership or involvement in the Lounge whatsoever. Maker’s Mark was unaware of the complaint filed by Andre Mulligan against the Lounge until it was covered in the media and, contrary to a published report, no one from Maker’s Mark has had any dealings with Mr. Mulligan.

“The allegations in the complaint are extremely serious and, if true, reflect behavior that is abhorrent and unacceptable, as well as absolutely contrary to the core brand values of Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark does not accept, and will not tolerate, discrimination in any form, and has so notified and warned the company which is solely responsible for the operation of the Lounge. While not involved in the litigation, Maker’s Mark will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take all actions it feels necessary under the circumstances.”

Bill Samuels, Jr.
Rob Samuels

Maybe MM will man up and terminate its agreement with Cordish.

Or maybe Metro Government will finally tire of the mountain of mess Cordish has created in this town and kick them out.

Haha, we know, fat chance.

3 thoughts on “Maker’s Mark Blames Cordish Cos. For Mess

  1. There’s NO SHOT Makers Mark will can Man up to Cordish because Cordish is running the deal & is the Operating partner!….They better embrace the Black crowd!…cause thats all they got left!

  2. The sad part is that the guy who filed suit appears to be suit happy and always looking for a payday.

    His attorney, Mr. Polio, is a nice guy, but not a top level civil or criminal attorney, which speaks volumes for the merits of the case.

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