New Albany Bought Guns Back. Will Louisville?

It’s the final round-up of the year. We’ll be back to normal on Wednesday.

A former University of Louisville football player has filed a lawsuit claiming he was asked to cover up an attack perpetrated by two of his teammates — and he claims his University and his coach failed to live up to their end of a bargain. [WDRB]

Remember Todd Eklof? He’s performing his first marriage since 2003! [Salon]

Louisville Metro Police were called to the scene of a stabbing in the 900 block of West Florence Avenue near Churchill Downs. [WHAS11]

Legislative leaders are at odds on whether to postpone the divisive issue of redistricting for another year to avoid gumming up an upcoming session already chock-full of hefty issues, including how to fix a $30 billion shortfall in a pension system for government retirees. [H-L]

A young man is murdered during the holidays and while police search for the shooter, the victim’s family is opening up. It happened Saturday morning in the Southland Park neighborhood. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer has marked the mid-point of his term with the release of a report that highlights what he says are the achievements of his administration’s first two years in office. [C-J/AKN]

To continue the state’s health exchange, part of the Affordable Care Act, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear will probably have to re-issue his executive order. [Business First]

Categorized, stacked and with firing mechanisms secured, the city’s (New Albany) first gun buyback program finished with 249 weapons purchased from residents Friday. [News & Tribune]

A man who pleaded guilty in the 1994 slaying of a University of Kentucky football player has been seriously injured in an auto accident. Shane Ragland was hurt Saturday afternoon in an accident that shut down part of the Snyder Freeway. [WLKY]

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Louisville Wants To Be The Gun Death King

It’s Holiday Week so we’re on a limited post schedule. So here’s a pointless round-up.

The growing role of class in academic success has taken experts by surprise since it follows decades of equal opportunity efforts and counters racial trends, where differences have narrowed. It adds to fears over recent evidence suggesting that low-income Americans have lower chances of upward mobility than counterparts in Canada and Western Europe. [NY Times]

Another day, another gun death in Louisville. Homicide detectives spent the early hours of Christmas investigating a fatal shooting. [WDRB]

She was sick, tired and had Christmas and her 60th birthday looming this week, on back-to-back days. [C-J/AKN]

It’s snowing and that means you should avoid Kroger like the plague today. [WHAS11]

This week’s case came from Janice Purdy, a social worker at Hospice Palliative Care program. [H-L]

Okay, so it’s time for some positive Indiana-related news. Paoli Peaks is set to open on Sunday. [WAVE3]

According to the city, New Albany property owners considered to be protected by the flood levee are now considered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as secure from Ohio River flooding. [News & Tribune]

“Gannett” is not exactly a beloved thing to utter in Louisville these days. Especially not with former staffers of A Kentucky Newspaper. So they’ll probably love this latest mess. [CNN & Gannettblog]

As violence erupts in Louisville and across the nation, many reached for ways to express sympathy. [WLKY]

A Louisville lawmaker says she plans to re-introduce a bill during the upcoming legislative session to institute a statewide energy portfolio standard. [WFPL]

Preliminary holiday shopping data appears to show the slowest growth in spending since the 2008 recession. [Business First]

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen because it’s so close we can taste it. [Support Our New Project!]

It’s Your Christmas Eve Round-Up Funtimes

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen because it’s so close we can taste it. [Support Our New Project!]

You have to believe to receive from Saint Nick. Sterling Riggs swapped gigs with an elf to see what kids want from Santa this year. [WDRB]

This was the biggest duh moment of the entire holiday season. It was supposed to be a reliable way to help cover the cost of a new downtown arena: The building’s events would bring throngs of people downtown who would eat, drink and shop nearby. Their sales taxes would be captured to help pay for the KFC Yum! Center. But the arena hasn’t added as much to tax revenues as expected during its first three years — producing less than one-third of the amount originally projected. [C-J/AKN]

Is the answer to gun crimes, more guns? The comments are causing quite a stir and even UofL Coach Rick Pitino is sharing his opinion. [WHAS11]

How dark money helped Republicans hold the House and hurt voters. In the November election, a million more Americans voted for Democrats seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives than Republicans. [ProPublica]

A 19-year-old man is dead after a shooting in a parking lot near a busy intersection in Shively. It happened around 4:00 pm Sunday near in the 4000 block of Dixie Highway near Garr Lane in a parking lot between Beverage World Superstore near Shear Wizardry Hairstyling. [WAVE3]

For more than 20 years, Louisville artist Ed White has led River City Drum Corps to teach children and young adults about the arts. [WFPL]

Another day, another Greater Clark County Schools employee is arrested. [WLKY]

A joint venture of Churchill Downs Inc. and Delaware North Companies Gaming & Entertainment has completed a purchase of the harness racing licenses and certain assets held by Ohio-based Lebanon Trotting Club Inc. and Miami Valley Trotting Inc. [Business First]

The New Albany City Council may take a more aggressive role in union contract negotiations. With the payment of $300,000 in retroactive salary benefits to city police officers still in question, council members discussed last week ways they can play a greater part in the bargaining process. [News & Tribune]

In his last few years, Adam Lanza shut himself off from the outside world almost completely, his troubles slowly escalating as his family splintered. [WSJ]

Here’s a five-page story about how glorious and amazing Jim Ramsey is from Joe Gerth. Not a single mention of the Robert Felner scandal or any other behemoth of a mess Ramsey has been involved in. [C-J/AKN]

Will Kentucky Kingdom Ever Be A Thing Again?

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen because it’s so close we can taste it. [Support Our New Project!]

Papaw Beshear says he still isn’t sure whether or not he’s going to screw Ed Hart over Kentucky Kingdom again. [WDRB]

You should read this mess of a letter Jerry Abramson wrote about tax reform. It’d maybe be okay if he wasn’t coughing up buzzwords and spewing out “Beshear” every other breath. [C-J/AKN]

An expected guilty plea by the founder of USA Harvest was delayed Thursday after a defense attorney raised questions about his client’s competence to understand the legal proceedings. [WHAS11]

“How long can the American taxpayers afford to pump $200 million annually into the Kentucky mountains in various forms of welfare aid without achieving any significant improvement in the region’s economy?” Caudill said while testifying to Congress in 1964. “We ask only an investment in our future as part of the nation’s future.” [H-L]

No criminal charges – that’s the decision Thursday from Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart in the case of two off-duty Jeffersonville Police officers accused of beating a man inside a restaurant. [WAVE3]

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has accepted a settlement agreed to by all the parties in a rate increase case filed by Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities. [WFPL]

An area school district has heard the concern from parents, students and the community about security. It has been a huge topic in light of the tragedy in Connecticut. [WLKY]

After more than 26 years of attempts to establish a Louisville botanical garden, a lease has been signed for a space across from Waterfront Park. [Business First]

Employees thinking about retiring from Greater Clark County Schools may have an offer they can’t refuse after the board of trustees approved a retirement incentive program. [News & Tribune]

Oh, look, A Kentucky Newspaper has decided to cover what we covered months ago regarding Kentucky Retirement Systems. The paper will probably run a Sunday feature about it and claim it’s breaking news. [C-J/AKN]

Jeffersonville’s Mayor Is A Real Life Hot Mess

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen because it’s so close we can taste it. [Support Our New Project!]

Former McMahan Fire Chief Paul Barth begins serving his prison sentence [yesterday] after stealing $200,000 meant for the Crusade for Children. [WDRB]

We’re not going to hold our breath over this web marketing scheme to promote the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [H-L]

You a fan of Kentucky history? Then check out the latest from the Kentucky HIstoric Preservation Review Board, which included the Historic Highlands District in Louisville. [Page One]

You can’t even go to the hospital in St. Matthews these days without having some butthole break into your car. [WAVE3]

Kentucky’s senior U.S. Senator says it will be up to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to decide whether the chamber will consider new gun control measures when the new Congress convenes in January. [WFPL]

City Life Shawnee, an after-school program and more, in what was a run-down building on the corner of 41st and Market Street, hope its model for faith-based positivity will change the reputation of crime in west Louisville neighborhoods. [WHAS11]

Thanks to revenues larger than planned, Louisville Metro officials won’t have to face a budget deficit in midyear or make service cuts. [Business First]

Crowded into the back of a cargo truck with his family and strangers, they all made their way out of Belgium and into France as Hitler’s troops invaded. [News & Tribune]

When is this jackass going to resign? His current and former staffers have zero kind words for the man. Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore apologized to residents and city employees Wednesday after police were called to his office a day earlier over a disagreement between him and his wife. [C-J/AKN]

Really, when is he going to be ousted from office? His latest stunt caused damage to his office. [WLKY]

A Couple Radio Blowhards Will Hate This One

Here’s Rep. John Yarmuth’s statement on the Presidential Task Force to Address Gun Violence:

“I share the President’s commitment to strengthening our nation’s gun laws, and I thank him for approaching the complex problem of gun violence in a comprehensive way,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “Whether it is reinstating the ban on assault weapons and getting high-capacity ammunition magazines off our streets, expanding background checks to help ensure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands, addressing gaps in our mental health care system, or other failures, we must address all the factors that contribute to gun violence in our society. This task force will help in those efforts.”

As gun owners (unlike the teabagger lady who wouldn’t know a Ruger if it fell into her lap), we’re glad to see Washington finally waking up to pushing responsible gun ownership.

Love Yarmuth or hate him, he’s the only one of our Kentucky delegation with guts enough to speak out with ideas so far.