What? Another Shooting In Your Possibility City?!

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A former Louisville Metro Police Detective who was demoted to patrol officer on the graveyard shift has sued the city, saying he was punished for trying to help a woman prove her innocence on a homicide charge. [C-J/AKN]

Rush County in Central Indiana is a small, normally quiet community — a place where families move from big cities to find better schools. But what happened inside Benjamin Rush Middle School is bringing attention to the bullying problem. [WDRB]

We can’t wait until Marilyn Brave Patriot Parker tries to eliminate evolution via Metro Council. [Wonkette]

A company with a controversial past was involved in the clean-up effort after a train derailment last week which eventually prompted an evacuation. [WHAS11]

The head of the Paducah & Louisville Railway says the company has paid out at least $325,000 in reimbursements so far after a train derailed in southwest Louisville and caused a chemical fire. [WKYT]

A Louisville man who shot a boy after a neighborhood prank has been granted shock probation and will be released after 10 weeks in prison. [H-L]

Another day, another senseless shooting here in Possibility City. [WLKY]

What was that, again, about Ed Hart not wasting his money? Ed Hart is wasting his money. He’d be better off suing the Commonwealth to get his $4 million back than he is continually funding things like this and trying to get the Beshear crew to let him operate Kentucky Kingdom. [WFPL]

It’s down to the wire for the race for the White House and candidates in our local races. So of course 12,000 households have to locate new polling places. [WAVE3]

Yes, we were talking about David Jones and one of his employees in this piece yesterday. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Attendance and handle were lower at this year’s Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Santa Anita Park than they were the previous two years, when the event were held at Churchill Downs in Louisville. [Business First]

November rent will have to wait, because the money has been going instead into the gas tank. That is a common refrain sounded by many in the Hardin County town of West Point and southwest Jefferson County as they try to cope with extra costs imposed in the wake of the Oct. 29 train derailment that led to closing part of Dixie Highway and a week-long evacuation for those in West Point. [C-J/AKN]

Can you imagine the University of Louisville ever asking for community input and taking it seriously? The University of Kentucky is asking the campus community and Lexingtonians to contribute to its new master plan by taking part in an online survey. [H-L]

16 thoughts on “What? Another Shooting In Your Possibility City?!

  1. Today, my husband asked me who he should vote for in several races in Jefferson County. I thought about it and told him to vote the incumbants out. I have seen to many good people who entered public service changed and start to think they are above the regular people in the community. Somehow they feel entitled to the best seats given to them by the colleges and race tracks. They love the free seats to the concerts and shows. They fall for the lobbyists gift of persuasion and the birthday cards sent on their birthdays. They forget these people are paid by someone to laugh at your jokes and make you feel important. Let’s see how many people return your calls when you retire or our unseated. If the general public only, really saw some of crazy stuff I’ve witnessed first hand they would refuse to beleive it. A change is coming sooner than people think……

  2. I have always understood that there is no pay difference between the pay and position of officer and detective on lmpd. Just title and ability to focus on specific criminal investigations. If so, then this is a lateral move, not a demotion

  3. The officer in question is losing out on all the overtime that came with his other position and a lot of flexibility and the ability to wear plain clothes instead of a uniform. That is why he is throwing a fit. The money difference could be substantial. However, I think the lawsuit is ridiculous. He was only one of many detectives who were moved around during the reorganization for the new Viper Unit. Ask around in the department and I am sure there are a lot of reasons that he didn’t get one of the new positions and I doubt it had anything to do with the innocence project.

  4. You are right John Yarmuth is an exception, I was talking about the local and state races. The good thing about having lots of money like John is that you are not easily influenced by things or freebies. Just like anyone though he can get intoxicated by power.

  5. @Gil – yes it has everything to do with the Innocence Project. He had a confession from a suspect, he followed up, was stonewalled by the State Police and asked for and received permission from his supervisor to talk to the Innocence Project. Now, since the State Police complained, he is persona non grata. There is a LOT more to what is happening to him then the article said, including threats. You should only hope an officer like Barron Morgan is on your side if you are wrongly accused, especially with the current climate in LMPD and KSP. Close cases, don’t care who is guilty.

  6. To my knowledge LMPD has no merit test-placement for the title detective. If bears the same pay scale as a uniformed officer.

  7. Gil—are you on the department because if you are you would know that Detective Morgan LED the Narcotics Unit in just this past year alone with the around of drugs he removed from the street. Something like 30 plus kilos of cocaine is just one example. He led the department so well that he was nominated for various awards. So for him to NOT be able to retain his position as a Detective is questionable alone. Now you want to talk discipline? He hasn’t been disciplined for anything from what I understand. You want to talk personality? He’s a good man, a team player. I respect him greatly. He does his job well.
    So what reason would you take a man with his credentials and deny him the ability to remain a detective especially after he’s been one for over 10 years?
    Do you know who made detective rank over him? Do you? Because I do. Believe me, their history within LMPD, their discipline history as well as their work ethic is questionable in some of the ones who retained their detective status or were moved into a detective status.
    So its more than a loss of overtime that Detective Morgan is “whining” about. Its a lack of respect that he has received from a department be worked his ass off to serve. I hope his lawsuit goes well. This man is due way more respect than you or the department has given him. To come forward in this case is remarkable and takes a man of high integrity to do so. The piece of shit detective that put this coerced this woman into taking an Alfred Plea is the so called “detective” that you should be “poo-pooing” not Detective Morgan.
    So, my friend, before you accuse someone about “whining” about getting losing their position, you may want to step back and look at the whole picture.
    Believe me, if this had happened to you, you most definitely would be “whining” too.

  8. Gil, just an FYI everyone knows that whenever you have to interview for any position with in your company that it is considered to be somewhat of a promotion. No one fresh out of the police academy could ever go straight in to a detective status. This is clearly a demotion. Whether the position itself is considered lateral or not its a promotion in a sense that its a specialized unit. Duh.

    Steelers1, a lot of us support Morgan. We know what’s up!

  9. And yes Gil there is a pay difference between detectives and officers. Officers get shift differential but no over time. Detectives do not get shift differential but they do get overtime.

    Overtime is more than the shift differential. I guess no one has messed with you income before. So yeh, it’s something to be pissed about.

  10. Just for the record @gil is not me. I am Gil. I was simply pointing out that it would appear a lateral move is not a demotion.

    I don’t know enough about the incident to comment on the officer but I do wish him and the other officers affected by the creation of the Viper squads the best.

  11. I normally don’t care but not getting an apology from crack kills aka steelers1 sort of bothers me. After all both of her personalities didn’t realize that @gil is not Gil.

  12. Hi Gill – FYI Steelers1 and CrackKills ARE 2 different people. We were reading Ville Voice on our phones. Steelers1 showed CrackKills what was on the phone and CrackKills used Steelers1 phone to write another reply. Could have just as easily been on mine, but hopefully Jake knows me well enough to understand. I will pass your message on to both regarding the confusion regarding the names. BTW one of them is not a “she”.

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