Thieneman Literally Advertises Vote-Buying Now

Christ Thieneman just keeps on skirting campaign finance law. It’s almost as if vote buying means nothing to him. Which makes sense, as he’s paid journalists off and pretended to live in a zillion different places.

He’s taking his latest bit much further. This time he’s actually advertising – literally paying Facebook – a ticket raffle for voters:

Of course, he still hasn’t reported any of the ticket give-aways as a contribution or expenditure of the campaign.

He has nothing to worry about, though, because the Democrats don’t have the sense to hit him on all of his improprieties.

5 thoughts on “Thieneman Literally Advertises Vote-Buying Now

  1. Have you not noticed that both Obama and Romney have given things away? And, they request donations with the giveaway. Mr. Thieneman did not ask for any donations and made it clear that the winner did not even have to live in his district. I know one winner clearly stated on Facebook he won and did not live in Mr. Thieneman’s district.

  2. Uh, that’s not a give-away. That’s buying something from the campaign. I.E., a yard sign or bumper sticker.

    Further, Thieneman’s race is state, not federal. His campaign is governed by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. The Federal Election Commission rules don’t all necessarily apply to state races.

    Had he asked for a donation in exchange for entry to win the tickets, that would have been a raffle and would be illegal, as well.

    The reality is that offering something to potential voters can be construed as vote-buying. He did not list the tickets as a campaign expenditure or disbursement.

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t comment.

  3. So had he gave them away on facebook that said “Chris Thieneman” instead of Thieneman for Senate” it would have been okay? That “Senate” word spoils everything.

  4. He also put a sign up on vacant property on Dixie that my family owns without contacting us.
    I shall take it down.

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