Possibility City: New And Exciting Gun Deaths Daily

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Another day, another senseless gun murder in Louisville, right? The killing won’t end until Louisville stops trying to sweep things under the rug. [WDRB]

Way to go, Clarksville! You’re making Southern Indiana proud. Three people were arrested Saturday morning and charged with manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine, after Clarksville police found a “one-pot” meth lab in the bathroom of their room at the Crest Motel in Clarksville. [C-J/AKN]

As downtown Louisville continues to celebrate the holiday season, many are wondering if the move to change the venue for Light up Louisville was a good idea. [WHAS11]

“I hope to have God on my side,” Abraham Lincoln remarked in 1861, “but I must have Kentucky.” Indeed, Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Lincoln, makes it clear that the 16th president needed his home state up to the very end of the Civil War. [H-L]

With all the other senseless gun deaths, we can’t forget this one. Or any of the rest that are likely to occur today and the rest of this week. [WLKY]

As everyone knows, Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. He plans to use his second term to implement Sharia Law and turn America into a socialist Islamist theocracy. That means Christmas will be outlawed in the FEMA Camps! [Wonkette]

What? A shooting that doesn’t involve someone dying? That’s rare here in Possibility City. [WAVE3]

A public hearing to discuss the Combined Sewer Overflow sewer project in Jeffersonville was held recently with no members of the public present. The combined sewer overflow project is an estimated $34 million plan to comply with an Environmental Protection Agency agreed order issued in 2009. [News & Tribune]

Louisville-based 21c Museum Hotels Inc. has scheduled an opening ceremony today for its Cincinnati hotel. A ribbon-cutting event will feature remarks from Steve Wilson, CEO and founder, along with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. [Business First]

After spending years to make Black Friday into the year’s blockbuster shopping day, retailers undercut themselves last week. [NY Times]

Over the next few weeks, Congress will decide whether to extend a key tax credit to the wind industry. The wind production tax credit—or PTC—subsidizes wind production at 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour, and without action it will expire at the end of the year. [WFPL]

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  1. Possibility City!,,,,I can’t understand WHY a Venue like the Gillespie wouldn’t have police working such an event!!! Any building of public occupancy should be required to have walk thru metal detectors at the entrances, also security in the reasonable perimeter ……they should have the same level of protection for their customers as the YUM CTR, & 4th Street Live …..The simple presence and the visibility of the uniforms might have protected this girls LIFE!

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