Official Ohio River Bridges Debacle Press Release

Since everyone is freaking out about the Ohio River Bridges Debacle, let’s take a look at the full press release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet:

Walsh Construction is apparent winning team
to build Downtown Crossing for Bridges Project

Proposes ‘substantial completion’ more than 19 months ahead of schedule

FRANKFORT (Nov. 15, 2012) – Walsh Construction Co. is the apparent winning team that will build the Downtown Crossing of the Ohio River Bridges Project, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced today.

The team’s “apparent best value” bid included a projected completion date of December 2016 at a construction cost of $860 million. That is more than a year and a half ahead of deadline and $90 million less than the cabinet’s preliminary cost estimate of $950 million.

Walsh Construction plans to begin construction early next year and complete their work by Dec. 10, 2016. The cabinet had set an absolute deadline of June 30, 2018.

Construction will begin early next year on the Downtown Crossing, which includes a new Interstate 65 bridge, a revamped Kennedy Bridge and reconstructed interchanges in downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville, Ind.

“We challenged the best transportation teams to deliver innovative, cost-efficient plans for the largest construction project in the history of Kentucky and Indiana,” said Kentucky Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock. “The result of this spirited competition will be a project that will cost less and take less time to build.”

The price proposals were opened and scored in a public meeting this afternoon at the headquarters of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) in Frankfort. The price proposals were tallied together with scores from technical and workforce proposals, which were submitted Oct. 1 and evaluated by a panel of cabinet and consulting professionals.

The “best value” is determined through an evaluation process that scored proposals based on overall price, technical plans and workforce requirements. Price proposals, which included both cost and days of construction, counted for 70 percent of the overall score.

Technical proposals, which included design and construction, were 25 percent, and workforce plans for training and including minorities, women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) were 5 percent of the overall score.

Walsh Construction submitted the “apparent best value” bid based on preliminary calculations, Secretary Hancock said. As with all KYTC project contracting, an Awards Committee consisting of KYTC engineers, headed by the State Highway Engineer, will review the calculations in the days ahead. KYTC has 90 days in which to award the contract.

The total cost of the Downtown Crossing will exceed $1 billion including expenditures for land acquisition, utility relocation, preliminary design and consulting work, construction oversight, toll system development and other necessary items.

The Bridges Project, a cooperative effort by Kentucky and Indiana, will create more than 4,000 construction-related jobs over the next six years as one of the nation’s largest transportation improvement projects.

Kentucky is overseeing the construction and financing of the Downtown Crossing while Indiana is overseeing construction of the East End Crossing between Prospect, Ky., and Utica, Ind. Indiana plans to announce a selected team for the East End Crossing tomorrow.

Walsh Construction was one of three experienced teams of bridge- and highway-building professionals that spent the last six months developing detailed plans for the complex project. Teams are:

Walsh Construction

  • Walsh Construction Co. (lead)
  • Milestone Contractors, L.P.
  • Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., lead designer
  • Buckland & Taylor Ltd., structural design lead engineer

Ohio River Transportation Constructors

  • Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (lead)
  • Traylor Brothers Inc.
  • Kokosing Construction Company Inc.
  • Massman Construction Co.
  • HNTB Corp. and Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc., lead designers

Skanska Flatiron Dragados

  • Skanska USA Civil Southeast Inc. (lead)
  • Flatiron Constructors Inc.
  • Dragados USA Inc.
  • URS Corp. and T.Y. Lin International, lead designers
  • McKee Consulting LLC, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program manager
  • New West Advertising & Public Relations, public involvement manager
  • Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations, public involvement manager

Now, continue your freaking out…

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  1. And why exactly are people “freaking out” about this? Seems like you’re the only one “freaking out” to me.

  2. Never turned on a television?

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    If you have no idea what you’re talking about, your comments aren’t welcome.

  3. Every day my man! – And Tyler and the 8664 crowd are good friends – Your continued use of blanket statements characterizing “everyone” believing one thing or another are getting tired. Time for you to provide some meat to some of your commentary, and quit using the same old descriptions for everything. “Freaking out” and “Head – desk” etc. If I am not welcome here, then so be it!

  4. Riiight. I’m sure you’ve spoken with Tyler and J.C. super-frequently.

    More importantly – who is holding a gun to your head, forcing you to read The ‘Ville Voice? I appreciate your concern trolling, but you’re either going to need to kill yourself or stop reading, it seems.

    Harsh, isn’t it?

    The reality, here, is that I back up what I have to say. You can ask Jonathan Hurst, Jim King, Steve Henry, Elaine Walker’s crew, et al about that.

  5. Ask anyone who follows economic development trends and they will tell you that the downtown ORBP will be a disaster for Louisville. This portion of the project is widely unpopular, built on financial lies, and is incredibly short-sighted.

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