More On Your State Government Harming Children

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Family and friends of a Western Kentucky University student who was murdered over the weekend are returning to the scene of the crime. Cheryl Williamson’s family and friends want her to be the last person killed after leaving a party or nightclub. [WDRB]

The Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank skeptical of climate change science, has joined with the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council to write model legislation aimed at reversing state renewable energy mandates across the country. [WaPo]

Didn’t we know this was the case the second Bob Gunnell got involved? Joe Arnold certainly knew it, as did Mark Hebert. The co-chairs of Home Court Advantage, a group aimed at discouraging Louisville from pursuing an NBA team to share the KFC Yum! Center with the University of Louisville, have revealed their involvement in a letter to business leaders. [WHAS11]

An independent panel that convened Tuesday for the first time to review deaths and serious injuries of abused and neglected children won’t have access to the state’s full case files, prompting concern among some of its members. [WFPL]

Here’s a story about Greg Fischer’s imaginary “compassion” that he hyped around on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. No mention of the thousands of homeless people, hundreds (thousands?) of hungry kids, daily violent gun deaths and the weekly deaths of pedestrians. Compassion! It’s the new “Possibility.” [HuffPo]

Clarksville police are searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a man at his home. Billy Chambers, 39, was found shot to death by his young daughter in the doorway of the home on Parkwood Drive near the intersection with Lombardy Drive about 3 p.m. Tuesday. [WLKY]

A grievance filed Nov. 12 over a police staffing issue was taken under consideration Tuesday by the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety. [News & Tribune]

This is the dumbest/most hilarious thing we’ve read from WFPL, ever, hands down. Is this what Joe Lord was hired to do? Write articles about celebrities he found on Wikipedia and have Phillip Bailey answer questions about politics so he sounds believable? Jesus H. [WFPL]

Looks like yet another royal screw-up by Lauren Roberts. A former University of Louisville football and basketball player is suing Jefferson County Public Schools. [WAVE3]

On what has been deemed by charities nationwide as Giving Tuesday, The Humana Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., has pledged up to $200,000 to support relief efforts on the East Coast related to Hurricane Sandy. [Business First]

5 thoughts on “More On Your State Government Harming Children

  1. I got a laugh from the headline of the article on the WHAS-TV website beginning “Media Executives…. ” It’s my understanding that one of the 2 “Media Executives”, Keith Hall, was fired by Time Warner when it purchased Insight. As a matter of fact WHEN Insight was operating the cable franchise in Louisville I PERSONALLY MET WITH HALL and he WAS FULLY SUPPORTIVE of the concept of an NBA team in Louisville, because Insight was going to be the cable revenue provider for ALL of Insight, which included their franchises in Covington, Lexington, Bowling Green, Evansville, and Owensboro. Insight was going to make a ‘killing’ off this – particularly when the NBA team’s ownership was going to be the 5 Chinese who controlled CCTV (China Cable TV). He knows this and he also knows that I met SPECIFICALLY with the East Asian ownership of Insight in conjunction with its lawyer at the time (Larry Zielke). Remember all that Keith! Then Demaree is a salesman for 5 small radio stations around here that ARE LOST ON THE DIAL — hardly two MEDIA EXECUTIVES.

    Seems to me that WHAT(!)-TV might be trying to CREATE a controversy around here. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    There will be some interesting news COMING about this BoxCar report regarding its veracity — and the REAL PEOPLE WHO FUNDED IT. It is my understanding that those people who funded it WERE NOT the ‘fired’ Keith Hall or the salesman of 5 small time radio stations.

  2. That report has no veracity. Or credibility. It only got attention because Bob Gunnell is still trusted by Joe Arnold for whatever reason. And because Mark Hebert helped hype it.

    People (not Arnold) at WHAS have reached out to me to share that most folks there have laughed hysterically over the whole mess.

    The real story about Gunnell is easily discovered in his bankruptcy filing, which I never published out of courtesy to his family. Suffice it to say he has to do whatever work he can get in order to pay off that $400,000 owed to the IRS and Gus Goldsmith. And likely to his now-former business partners.

    Note: Bob has one other tie at WHAS and I won’t name her because she has a young kid.

  3. I remember Gunnell from my days of working for Commissioner Steve Henry. He was a used car salesperson who teamed up with Henry. I hated it when he came walking in the office, I knew Henry was up to something illegal, immoral or self serving whenever he showed up.

    Gunnell should have stuck to selling used cars in Henry County. Arnold needs to find someone alot more crediable than Gunnell. Just like Henry, eventually people see thru the lies and deceit. I know Skipper Martin loved Bobby Gunnell. What’s that tell you?

    J. Bruce Miller, I wish you the best of luck.

  4. Jake: Thanks for your comments. I’m in the process of getting the necessary ‘backup’ information and assuming that can be accomplished – the Report will be demolished. I’ve heard of Gunnell, but have not met him to the best of my memory. I guess that’s my ‘good fortune.’ As for Joe Arnold, he’s been around here long enough to know better than to go with a story that has legs the length of alligator arms. In my opinion the WHOLE THING has been driven by Mark Hebert, who also knows better — but just took no time to do the required ‘veracity checking.’ Mark isn’t a newsman anymore, he’s a paid ‘shill-master’ — which I accept since he has a family to support.
    Debbie: Thanks for your kind best wishes. It’s a very difficult assignment to move a city, which has historically subsisted with a lack of inertia as its competitors for economic hegemony in the region have passed it — as if it were ‘standing still.’

  5. P.S. to my previous comment to Debbie. following the words “…lack of inertia….” should have appeared an exclamation point — drawing attention to the fact that in a number of ways our city has been even MORE RESISTANT to change than the word ‘inertia’ would define.

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