LMAS Facilities & Vehicles Are Barely Maintained

Yes, Greg, we have people following everything at Louisville Metro Animal Services. Employees on the inside and people on the outside who follow every move. You already know this.

People constantly want to know why nothing improves at LMAS. It’s because no one makes an effort. Those in charge don’t take care of what we’ve got.

Case in point:

These LMAS vehicles that have been smoking like crazy for an extended period of time.

Because who gives a flip about maintaining those vehicles or anything at LMAS? Certainly not Metro Government.

Greg Fischer begged for patience. He begged for time to allow things to improve.

Guess who no longer has patience and will no longer hold back when it comes to criticism. We’ll give you three tries.

6 thoughts on “LMAS Facilities & Vehicles Are Barely Maintained

  1. They are too busy counting their wads of cash for doing nothing. The vehicles, the facility and the whole damn thing is STILL a mess. Fischer is a joke. I hope and pray no animal was in the back as the smoke made its way up. It would be nice if one of Greg’s wealthy friends gave a damn and told Fischy to fix the situation now. This is disgusting. The guy touts compassion but has none what so ever.

  2. His wealthy friends don’t give a damn.

    The Brown Family should have been chapping his ass years ago but, uh, you’ve seen how that has worked out.

  3. The unions are the problem. They have run Metro from the bottom up for so long, and have such a culture of entitlement, they no longer ask what they can do for Metro, but rather, what Metro can do for them.

  4. As far as I know, LMAS is not union. So what does that have to do with it? Vehicle maintenance
    is not usually a union issue anyway.

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