9 thoughts on “It’s Major War On Christmas Pee Alert Time

  1. Oh, Sweet Zombie Jesus. This again? Un-knot your sphincters and get over it. It’s the corpse of a murdered tree someone drags inside and dresses funny.

  2. Since lighted trees have no “meaning” in anything but the Christian traditions of Christmas celebrations, how is it anything but a Christmas tree?

  3. I’ve never heard of a “community tree”. Are they sold at places like Lowes and Home Depot? I’ve been searching all over the internet, but I just can’t find any place that sells pre-lit community trees.

  4. Actually celebrating around an evergreen tree pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years. It has long been a part of winter solstice traditions. A holiday tree would be the more appropriate term. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t care either way and would much prefer people use their time more productively.

  5. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Jesus would prefer you complain about people on welfare non-stop, yell at non-white children to get off your lawn, make racist jokes about “coons” on Twitter while getting to keep your radio job, complain about the Jews, complain about the Messicans and by god Jesus would prefer you foam at the mouth about how awesome it is to cut down a perfectly healthy tree just for some party. Also, Jesus wants you to freak out about Twinkies and transfats.

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