6 thoughts on “Dear Locals: This Requires A Major Pee Alert

  1. Friggin’ unbelieveable. Only in Kaintuckie could such incompetence reach this level of government responsibility.

  2. Adam Edlen had better get a big case of

    Driskell is probably responsible for half of Crit Luallen’s staff taking disability retirement due to carpal tunnel syndrome, from having to write that phrase over and over and over, every friggin year – for the same stupid ‘mistakes’ (yeah, right – ‘mistakes’).

    Maybe Jerry can get ol’ Niles Meloche a job in agriculture. In his mind, Kim Bunton is good to go for Health and Family Services.

  3. On second thought, maybe it’s a pretty good fit. Seems like I remember that Jim Ramsey was the state Budget Director, ONCE.!!!!! The pictures on the wall of the former Budget Directors might be a ‘good laugh’. Somebody ought to take that picture.

  4. That’s the type of position that should ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE that the position holder be a CPA – or at least AN ACCOUNTANT!

  5. It’s cute how everyone believes the right thing will ever be done in Frankfort.

    Even cuter how mainstreamers statewide believe this move is the best thing ever because they’re snowed by Jerry as he hypes them up.

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