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WHY aren’t you making the world a better place for kids at Home of the Innocents? More than 120 kids have holiday wish lists. [CLICK HERE]

There are thousands of vacant properties across Metro Louisville and thousands of people who need a place to live. But there is an effort to bridge the gap between the two. [WDRB]

Can you imagine what it would be like if Louisville had a mayor who had this kind of sense? Mayor Jim Gray said Wednesday that he will fight to have the city regain control of its police and fire pension fund if officials cannot reach an agreement with police and fire unions to reduce the pension’s unfunded liability and make it sustainable in the future. [H-L]

One woman is hurt, after a yacht caught fire and exploded on Thrusday while in the Marina at the Rose Island Yacht Club in Prospect. North Oldham firefighters found a 41 foot yacht fully engulfed in flames when they arrived at the Marina at about two Thursday afternoon. [WHAS11]

Melvin G. Alexander will join KentuckyOne Health Inc. as chief financial officer, starting Dec. 4, according to the company’s Web site. [Business First]

A local ministry group set up along Interstate 65 on Thursday night and handed out meals, clothes and blankets to homeless community members who said city workers cleared out their camp and took their belongings Wednesday morning. [News & Tribune]

You can’t even walk around Valley Station these days without getting hit by a train. [WAVE3]

Good morning, Warrers On Christmas. Much has happened since our last intelligence briefing. Somebody alert Mandy Connell. [Wonkette]

Newly released dash cam video from a Louisville Metro police cruiser shows the discovery of a convenience store clerk who was bound and locked in the trunk of his own car. [WLKY]

You’ll get a huge kick out of this story. Wednesday was “Business Appreciation Day” in Corbin. And along with a free lunch for the business community, the City of Corbin served up Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson as guest speaker. [Times-Tribune]

Authorities are announcing details Thursday about the construction of a nearly $1 billion of new pollution controls at LG&E’s Mill Creek power plant in southwest Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

LMAS Facilities & Vehicles Are Barely Maintained

Yes, Greg, we have people following everything at Louisville Metro Animal Services. Employees on the inside and people on the outside who follow every move. You already know this.

People constantly want to know why nothing improves at LMAS. It’s because no one makes an effort. Those in charge don’t take care of what we’ve got.

Case in point:

These LMAS vehicles that have been smoking like crazy for an extended period of time.

Because who gives a flip about maintaining those vehicles or anything at LMAS? Certainly not Metro Government.

Greg Fischer begged for patience. He begged for time to allow things to improve.

Guess who no longer has patience and will no longer hold back when it comes to criticism. We’ll give you three tries.

We Get Great arena/NBA/UofL/Gunnell Comments

You’ll want to read this:

J. Bruce Miller // Nov 28, 2012 at 3:45 pm

I got a laugh from the headline of the article on the WHAS-TV website beginning “Media Executives…. ” It’s my understanding that one of the 2 “Media Executives”, Keith Hall, was fired by Time Warner when it purchased Insight. As a matter of fact WHEN Insight was operating the cable franchise in Louisville I PERSONALLY MET WITH HALL and he WAS FULLY SUPPORTIVE of the concept of an NBA team in Louisville, because Insight was going to be the cable revenue provider for ALL of Insight, which included their franchises in Covington, Lexington, Bowling Green, Evansville, and Owensboro. Insight was going to make a ‘killing’ off this – particularly when the NBA team’s ownership was going to be the 5 Chinese who controlled CCTV (China Cable TV). He knows this and he also knows that I met SPECIFICALLY with the East Asian ownership of Insight in conjunction with its lawyer at the time (Larry Zielke). Remember all that Keith! Then Demaree is a salesman for 5 small radio stations around here that ARE LOST ON THE DIAL — hardly two MEDIA EXECUTIVES.

Seems to me that WHAT(!)-TV might be trying to CREATE a controversy around here. Wouldn’t be the first time.

There will be some interesting news COMING about this BoxCar report regarding its veracity — and the REAL PEOPLE WHO FUNDED IT. It is my understanding that those people who funded it WERE NOT the ‘fired’ Keith Hall or the salesman of 5 small time radio stations.

Like Jake told Miller in a response:

jake // Nov 28, 2012 at 5:40 pm

That report has no veracity. Or credibility. It only got attention because Bob Gunnell is still trusted by Joe Arnold for whatever reason. And because Mark Hebert helped hype it.

People (not Arnold) at WHAS have reached out to me to share that most folks there have laughed hysterically over the whole mess.

The real story about Gunnell is easily discovered in his bankruptcy filing, which I never published out of courtesy to his family. Suffice it to say he has to do whatever work he can get in order to pay off that $400,000 owed to the IRS and Gus Goldsmith. And likely to his now-former business partners.

Note: Bob has one other tie at WHAS and I won’t name her because she has a young kid.

We thought it’d be a good idea to share it all on the main page.

Indiana Wins All Terrible Awards For The Week

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Quick, everybody freak out over rising gas prices! The world is gonna end! OH NOES!!1! [WDRB]

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad announced Wednesday that his department was revising its pursuit policy to reduce the risk from collisions in car chases that have killed eight people and injured at least 77 since 2007. [C-J/AKN]

Clarksville Police now have the Ford Mustang they believe a killer drove away from a murder scene Tuesday. [WHAS11]

New U.S. single-family home sales fell slightly in October and the prior month’s pace of sales was revised sharply lower, casting a faint shadow over one of the brighter spots in the U.S. economy. [Reuters]

There were tense moments in the courtroom Tuesday, as the second day of testimony wrapped up in the trial of a murder suspect. Marcus Crook is accused of firing several shots at Joseph McNealy three years ago. [WLKY]

A Finnish author and education reformer has won the University of Louisville’s 2013 Grawmeyer Award for education. [WFPL]

Life doesn’t appear to be all puppies and rainbows at the University of Kentucky in Lexington these days. [Page One]

Officials with LG&E and KU Energy LLC and Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government will announce details Thursday of a $940 million construction project at the utility’s Mill Creek Generating Station. [Business First]

The Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners voted to authorize the county attorney to pursue a legal malpractice suit against the now-former air board attorney at a special meeting at the Clark County Government Building on Wednesday. [News & Tribune]

Former McMahan Fire Chief Paul Barth, convicted of stealing nearly $200,000 from the WHAS Crusade for Children, will have a telephone hearing before a federal judge at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the condition of his bond. [C-J/AKN]

Lengthy criminal past maybe not the full story of that Clarksville shooting victim? The man shot and killed in his own home Tuesday had a lengthy criminal history, connections with the Louisville Outlaws motorcycle club and served time in federal prison. [WAVE3]