Woah, Metro Govt Is Doing Something Awesome!

For real.

Metro Government is now impounding vehicles caught in the act of illegal dumping.

The first vehicle was yanked off the streets:

“The impoundment sends a strong message to those who are dumping that Metro is serious about stopping the illegal activity,” said Councilcritter Butler. “This is a quality of life issue for neighborhoods and an economic issue for our community as well because metro spending nearly $500K per year on illegal dumping.”

LMPD charges $112 for the towing fee, $13 in administrative costs and $13 per day for storage. That’s $138 for the first day.

If only vehicles could be impounded for animal abuse, domestic violence and general asshattery.

7 thoughts on “Woah, Metro Govt Is Doing Something Awesome!

  1. And also fined $500 for littering, right? I always see those signs, but when I see trash literally at the foot of the sign, I assumed the fine was not enforced. I hope the fine is enforced. I dislike litter.

  2. Vehicles are impounded for; 6 months for personal, if i cleaned out my garage and dumped it, or 1 year if commercial, if i cleaned out my warehouse and dumped it.

  3. Now THIS is progress! I’m in an area of Jefferson County that would be lovely if it weren’t for the d-bags that are constantly dumping their trash (and I’m not just talking fast food bags here) along the side of the road at night. They may never get caught, but maybe sending that message can keep one of them from tossing their old couch or toilet.

  4. I was out in my alley when a truck with trailer unloaded a bunch of furniture behind a brand new neighbor’s house. But rather than carry the stuff through their back gate, the dumpers jumped into the truck and drove off! When it hit me what was happening, I couldn’t get their lic.# because the trailer hid it from view. If I see such again, I will ask questions rather than “assume” a neighbor is getting a delivery!

  5. Just have to drive a little farther into the county. Lots of hollars down near Fairdale could use a light dusting of garbage.

  6. I think we should offer law enforcement an monetary incentive for catching the illegal dumpers. Think of it as a modern day bounty. We have to watch Mike “do nothing” Oconnells office to make sure they take it seriously and prosecute them. That can be done by getting the code for dumping and tracking what happens to the cases in court. Congratulations to all the public servants who worked hard on this especially Marianne Butler from the south end!

  7. For sure, Debbie! Those cases have a way of just disappearing. And if they are enforcing ordinances (rather than state law) then the city gets all the money, rather than the pittance they get from enforcing state law.

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