7 thoughts on “Why Martin McDonald Should Be Promptly Canned

  1. What is that judge overcompensating for? I mean, what is broken inside a persons mind to compel them seek authoritarian positions so they can bully people and believe they have every right to do it. Asshole? He’s what assholes throw up.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was Constable David Whitlock’s master, er, I mean mentor. Sorry, I was visualizing him with a drawer full of dirty ball gags when I typed that.

  3. G-Town, yes, he is, he was a sheriff’s deputy a long time ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even have a badge from Aubrey.

  4. Unfortunately, he’s not unique. Anyway, Jake you answered a question I had, which is how reputable is the attorney being chastised. Some lawyers can be pretty bad in their advocacy as well and there are occasions when you wish someone would rip into them and hold them accountable.

  5. Judge McDonald is a very mean spirited crude man. He was outraged that anyone would defy him and appeal his ruling and win. You should see how he treats blacks and poor people, it is really sad to seee. I disagree with Skipper, he is unique to our courts in Jefferson. The other judges do not act like that. The rules of the Courts are clear and anyone watching this video can clearly see that this was personal with McDonald. He is a bully who has abused his position of power. He is retired so we can’t vote him out of office he has to be removed by the Chief Supreme Court Judge. I wouldn’t be surprised that in the same closet that he hangs his black judical robe he also hangs a white one from the Ku Klux Klan.

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