WATB ALERT: Wicker Thinks Opinions Are “Facts”

Brooks Wicker, in his latest email blast, stepped further into the abyss of Marilyn Parker looney land with a WATB meltdown:

On Sunday, the local newspaper’s editorial board endorsed in our race. Yet, the Courier-Journal Editorial Board made its choice without ever interviewing me. Not once. Very little of the text of its endorsement was actually factual. Let’s look at what the Board would have seen had it done its due diligence.

While it’s clear why the editorial board didn’t interview Wicker – he’s a fringe candidate with zero chance in hell who refuses to do simple things like follow campaign finance law – the paper should have given him the courtesy. Not just because all candidates for major office should be interviewed but because of the hilarious time the ed board would have had with the guy. Why not allow him to make a fool of himself when he can’t even refute a lowly newspaper employee?

It’s really interesting that Wicker continues to believe his opinions are based in fact. Merely because he believes said opinions.

Even more interesting that he’s unable to produce anything the ed board got factually incorrect.

Oh – we can’t forget the sheer hypocrisy of his email blast. Blaming the media for being “liberal” after spending months claiming it is insignificant while whining because a newspaper didn’t endorse him.