Violence Prevention Coordinator? Is That What The City Needs? Or Maybe That’s Just A Waste Of Time

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The best/most hilarious/disgusting thing all week: Neal Richmond claiming that Jake has “AIDS dementia” in front of his staffers. It’s just a shame for him that we’ve been supplied an audio recording. Looks like we hit a serious nerve when pointing out his absenteeism and general mismanagement of a public service that sorely needs him. [Way To Go, Greg Fischer]

Thirty eight chemical industry jobs paying about $25 hourly at the Solae Louisville polymer plant are being eliminated with the closure of the Floyd Street plant. [C-J/AKN]

Jacques Barzun, a pioneering cultural historian, reigning public intellectual and longtime Ivy League professor who became a best-selling author in his 90s with the acclaimed “From Dawn to Decadence,” has died. He was 104. Our thoughts are with Matthew Barzun and his family. [HuffPo]

As the sun sets over the familiar University of Louisville silos, there is the promise of a new day. But not for the 50 employees of the Solae plant, who learned this week their days are numbered here. They’ll lose their jobs when production stops at the end of year. [WDRB]

Police are investigating a vandalism incident at a New Albany Company. “There were busted windshields, slashed tires,” John Lukes, owner of Nexgen Mold and Tool, Inc., said. [WHAS11]

Two Louisville physicians are part of a Senate Finance Committee report that creates new questions about the medical research by Medtronic Inc. and one its medical devices. [Business First]

A WLKY investigation found skyrocketing health care costs are creating a major drain on the budget of Metro Corrections. [WLKY]

Translation: The Democratic Party is paying Jennifer Moore to sue to get idiot Chris Thieneman off the ballot. Her M.O. is to go around trying to find someone to file suit any time there’s a candidate on the ballot who is not a Democrat. It has nothing to do with Perry Clark, who we all know to be constantly high and off his rocker, and everything to do with people who know Thieneman doesn’t live in the South End. [C-J/AKN]

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced Thursday that the new slip ramp from eastbound Interstate 264 (Watterson Expressway) to KY 22 (Old Brownsboro Road) is ready to open. [WAVE3]

Louisville should hire a full-time violence prevention coordinator, do more to address vacant houses and foster more economic development in west Louisville, according to a report commissioned by Mayor Greg Fischer to find ways to address violence in Louisville. [WFPL]

9 thoughts on “Violence Prevention Coordinator? Is That What The City Needs? Or Maybe That’s Just A Waste Of Time

  1. A RECORDING of Richmond? Will this finally convince the weak-willed Mayor to DO SOMETHING? Of course not – ranks right up there with drunk driving, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, intimidation, and the pattern of complete incompetence that has become our Metro government. How much of our money will be wasted on more “Directors of This-and-That” and lawsuit payouts?

  2. Yep. A recording.

    And you know it won’t convince Greg to do anything.

    Even though it’s a medical professional in an official government position speculating about a citizen’s health. Treading on thin HIPAA ice. (If I actually had HIV, I’d first choke the living shit out of the guy and then sue him like I did a handful of douchebags last year.)

  3. Wow, he made that statement in front of his (mostly redneck) staff. I wonder how many of them took it seriously. And when word spread, I wonder how many of the (mostly redneck) EMTs and ambulance crews took it seriously. His (100% redneck) comment carries a lot of weight considering his (100% redneck) attitude might impact the quality of emergency medical assistance you would get if you ever needed it.

  4. I’d guess most of his emergency folks don’t take him seriously on any level.

    Initially heard the story he was telling from several different LMEMS employees in a few different ways. Unfortunately for him, EMS staffers are quick to speak up when something is wrong.

    Just the other day, I had to call 911 for a neighbor and the folks who showed up itching to tell me things.

    This city is lucky LMEMS can function as it does with zero leadership.

  5. Nova China:
    Calling most of the EMT’s and ambulance crews that serve our city “mostly redneck” is far from the truth. Please know something about the issues on which you comment before making yourself look like a total d-bag. That would be great.

  6. Can a gay Jewish guy from NYC be a redneck? Just wondering…. No, the EMS crews ARE NOT “mostly redneck”! Please reconsider your attitude, it is offensive. These are people who work hard, treat every patient to the best of their ability, work in all weather conditions, get exposed to every illness known to man, get barfed onm spit on urinated on, get forced to work over daily and get no respect from their administration or the public. Wonder if you could handle it Nova China?

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