Riffe Succeeds Despite Incompetent LMEMS Leader

Because of the “AIDS dementia” – according to Neal Richmond, head of LMEMS – it only makes sense that we’re stuck on Joe Riffe, the guy Richmond shit-canned because of a prosthetic leg.

You already know that crazy story. And you know that another ambulance service hired him up, no questions asked, because not everyone is an absentee flustercuck of a manager.

So here’s the latest from Riffe:

I’m less than a week away from orientation and getting back on the ambulance. I’m 15 months from the fall that set this path in motion and only been on my prosthetic for 7 months. I’ve been told that while in the ER I was told not to worry, I’d be back to work in no time. This was to placate me and keep me from worrying while I was healing. Then was told I could go back to work with the prosthetic in order to give me a goal to keep pushing forward. All the while, most people doubting it was possible. More frustrating was a former “boss” more concerned with either breaking me if I did succeed or trying to force me out by saying I’m incapable. To him personally I say thank you. This is the motivation I need to not only have the strength to try to return, but to succeed beyond what I thought was possible.

I’m not delusional. I know I’m charting into unknown territory. This unknown is a first for my new employer and for this region. I am expecting to have to learn quick and live up to one of my favorite sayings…Adapt and Overcome. I know I will have to adapt my technique but I have regained something most of us in the Public Safety world have lost…passion. I am more driven to succeed now than ever before. I have too many people watching me to fail. I am a example to 2 (3 on January 2) wonderful sons, I have had the pleasure of inspiring people I’ve never met through this blog, and I have the handful who are hoping I fail because they said it would happen. Part of me wants to smash this in their faces and say look at me now. I’m the “gimp” you said was finished, yet instead of airing dirty laundry, I will simply move on and show my sons how to not only have dignity, but also to have integrity.

I hope for big things from this job. This is the new springboard for my life. I am walking proof that nothing can impede determination and that can carry you further than you (or those around you) expect.

Isn’t it great to see him succeed despite the mess of the Fischer Misadministration?

It’s a shame Riffe was cast aside like garbage, as we was by Richmond. Even more of a shame that his former colleagues have to suffer without leadership.

Possibility City!

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