Louisville Shouldn’t Ignore Looming Pension Disaster At Kentucky Retirement Systems

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Ohio River regulators have voted unanimously to allow a West Virginia company five more years to comply with new, more stringent pollution requirements. [WFPL]

Helping the homeless is as easy as donating your old bicycle thanks to a program called Wayside Wheels. [WDRB]

The FBI is searching for two men accused of illegally distributing prescription drugs and the stimulant khat while using a check cashing scheme to launder more than $6 million from a storefront in south Louisville. [H-L]

Who wouldn’t expose themselves during an encounter with some Louisville Ballet folks? Metro police have arrested a man after they said he exposed himself in public. [WAVE3]

For months, Kentucky lawmakers have been studying how to handle Kentucky’s underfunded pension system. But the problems of the system have been occurring for longer than just a few months. Various proposals are on the table, but lawmakers may not have much time to come to a compromise. [WKYU]

Clark County detectives and the family of 19-year-old Ethan Bennett are asking for help in locating him. Bennett has been missing since September 11. [WHAS11]

A joint report by Save the Children and First Focus has awarded the U.S. a C-minus overall grade when it comes to providing for and ensuring educational opportunities for the nation’s children. [HuffPo]

Preventing crime before it happens may sound like the plot of a TV crime drama, but it’s exactly what Louisville Metro Police are trying to do. [WLKY]

Kentucky Retirement Systems is still a disaster. You’re not surprised in the least. [Page One]

If you [were] able to see Thursday night’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and challenger U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., at Centre College in Danville, you can thank Louisville-based Whayne Supply Co., which literally [was] helping to power the event. [Business First]

Hilariously non-shocking news: Greg Fischer’s study says Fourth Street Live is a success. HAHAHAHA. HUGE PEE ALERT. Never mind all the local businesses that were gouged and run out of town, right? It’s a shame no one has the balls to call bullshit. [More WFPL]

Dear Mandy Connell: David Jones has kids in JCPS and the school board is a paid position. But thanks for continuing to spread misinformation. You’d be better off pointing out that David Jones is just buying a school board seat, which he is. [Facts Are Hard]

8 thoughts on “Louisville Shouldn’t Ignore Looming Pension Disaster At Kentucky Retirement Systems

  1. The impact study on FSL that gives it a Glowing review is a “PUFF” piece…..all the guesswork at determining whats going to happen and what the ROI is going to be is purely Fiction!…The first three to four years of the Secret Revenue of FSL was 90% a lateral transition of sales and revenue simply stolen from other local business operations like the operations at City Block, Bardstown rd, and other existing bars and restaurants….
    The incredible misrepresentation that the FSL project is a huge success is just insulting… Did everyone forget that Cordish just recently evicted about half the tenants for nonpayment of rent for over two years!
    Anything can be crafted to appear like want they want it to look like.
    Even though I agree that a development that contains a critical mass of entertainment facilities is attractive to the community and functions as a draw to downtown , The O’Malleys Corner / City Block developers & operators established that with their pioneering efforts in 1990 and thru 2009 ,untill they were unjustly comprimised by the FREE MILLIONS give to the Cordish boys to develop FSL.

  2. JJMan- They don’t get paid a lot. It’s the title that people are after. And having their names on a plaque at a new building or school.

  3. Thanks Highlander – I would hardly call $40 a meeting plus expenses any sort of incentive for someone to run for School Board or even equate that to “being paid” — hardly worth the time and effort,and if you added in non-meeting time seems they are making well below minimum wage for a pretty important position. – If they have 50 meetings a year they make $2,000. Thanks again for the info!

  4. JJMan: To appreciate the absurdity of the pay, the JCPS budget is LARGER than that of the entire Metro government. So with the Board being paid NOTHING (BASICALLY), that leaves the administrators in a position to ‘run wild’ with no effective management or supervision. No wonder 332 of them (according to WAVE-TV a couple years ago) were making in excess of $100k a year.

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