It’s Been A Year And Literally Nothing Has Changed

Greg Fischer and his people fired the Metro Parks whistleblower, retaliated against him and swept the drunk driving incident under the rug. They continue to speak poorly of said whistleblower.

The whistleblower, on the other hand, seems to be the only adult in the whole mess. Here’s a comment he left this morning:

Joey Sears // Oct 29, 2012 at 4:04 am

After 1 year. it’s still nice to see folks come to the Villevoice, posting comments, sharing facts about how things really are when it comes to working in the parks dept. as well as other Metro dept’s.

I would have never know about Jake and the Villevoice. if it wasn’t for someone I know who works in the Mayor’s office. (I will never expose who that person is.) but I’m thankful for the information. if it wasn’t for Jake and his staff. this story would have been forgotten. as well as many other stories. such a LMAS. LEMS.

I witnessed Mike Heitz doing something that I knew was unethical. unfortunately I had the bad luck of losing a job I loved. because I reported it.

As far as harboring any hard feeling towards anyone from the Parks dept . that is not my style. I still to this day promote public golf in the city of Louisville. just as I did while I was working in golf.

Does that mean I will ever forget. No I will never forget the things my family and I had to endure.

As far as Mike Heitz. I can only hope that by reporting him for drinking and driving. opened his eyes, to the fact that he. in my opinion and the opinion of many others had a drinking problem. I hope he was able to face his problem and get the help he needed . I hope that after a year he and Mayor Fischer, have looked back on this. admitting that his actions could have resulted in someone losing their life. admitting that I did the right thing. that I didn’t deserve to lose my job.


Possibility City?

Whistleblower gets shit-canned, attacked, belittled, hit financially. The Parks Director who repeatedly drove drunk in a city-owned vehicle? Still on the job, not even a slap on the wrist, probably getting a raise of some sort, still treated like he didn’t abuse the trust of the taxpayer.

We’re betting that if Sears had the money to really sue Metro Government as others are currently doing, he’d win or receive a worthy settlement.

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  1. Hmmm. Are you suggesting that this would be a terrific opportunity for an experienced, empathetic local attorney to step up to the plate on behalf of Joey Sears?

  2. Joey does do a great job of promoting golf. He has a great page on Facebook promoting metro parks golf and it’s history. Everyone loves it. For the last 2 years he has been taking pictures and posting scores for the Men’s Metro. When he worked at Bobby Nichols he did a great job of taking care of the golf course. It was nice to see someone care. And that is what happens……..someone who cares gets the shaft.

  3. The really good attorneys are super-swamped – often doing the work no one else wants to do. And it’s Metro Government, with an endless supply of cash with which to pay attorneys.

    It’s a lose-lose situation unless more people sack up and speak up.

  4. G-town thanks for the offer. I don’t want to go that route. I never really did. If I sued and won who would have to pay the bill. taxpayers. I expected that the right thing would be done. even had a personal one on one meeting with Mike Heitz back in May of last year. he and I even talked about drinking and driving at that meeting.

    I have had people send me evidence, of other Metro employees not getting fired for doing way worse than I was accused of doing. Jake has all that information. to be used when ever he feels the need.

    I seen Marty Storch during the Men’s Metro Golf Tournament. we joked around with each other. In fact I almost hit him Accidentally with a golf ball. we both got a big kick out of that. like I said I harbor no hard feelings.

    Come tax return season.when the state get’s my tax return to pay back the unemployment that I rightfully won based on my testimony vs the testimony of the city. I might feel a little tight money wise. but life is to short to worry about things like that.

    (that unemployment was wrongfully taken from me based on political powers in Frankfort)

  5. I’ve known Joey for a long time, he does great work promoting golf in Louisville and he was someone who truly cared about the well being of Metro courses. Even though I don’t know all of the facts of this case, I know enough to realize that Metro did him wrong, and they lost a great advocate for their product. Whatever happens with this and the people involved, it says a lot that Joey is willing to put this stuff behind him. I don’t play metro courses anymore because of where I live, but I know who wins the tournaments held there, along with being able to keep up with the goings-on thanks to Joey advertising them on his personal Facebook page. It takes a big person to go through all he has, and still support the people and entities that did him so badly. Hope everything works out for the best both for him, and for Metro Parks.

  6. To all of the voters in Louisville, PLEASE remember this when Fischer comes up for re-election. I can’t vote against him, but that whole municipality has been in the dump ever since Jerry set foot in City Hall. Fischer has continued that fine tradition. No matter who’s running against him, he has proven he is in over his head. Give someone else a try…

  7. Many of us have chosen not to sue. Becoming further involved with those officials, even in a court room, is not worth the anquish.
    Joey is right.
    Cut your losses and RUN!!!!
    Louisville is a great city that deserves better.

  8. Joey had our family’s support since the beginning. the guy was fired for something he didn’t do. a witnesses testified to it. the nephew admitted it. personal and political. the only two reasons he lost his job.

  9. It is critical that every public employee read and understand the Kentucky Whistleblower Act. The Court is very picky about adhering to it, and in most of these cases, the employee doesn’t understand how to invoke it until it is too late.

  10. If I remember correctly. the Ky supreme court. ruled that government employee’s couldn’t be whistleblowers. can’t remember the details.

  11. Actually, they said that the WBA doesn’t apply to CITY employees, but only to employees of the state and political subdivisions (counties). It said that the statute left it to cities to enact their own protections. But Louisville and Lexington are actually legally classified as the county government, so … it should apply to both of them, although we don’t have cases to that effect as yet. But that means that Shively and Jtown, employees, for example, are not protected, even though the Sixth Circuit, a few years ago, said that the WBA did apply to Jtown.

  12. I used to work with Joey at Metro Parks. You wouldn’t find a more dedicated and harder working employee. He was always more than willing to show the new employees how to properly manicure and care for a golf course. At Shawnee, he was the one responsible for keeping up the youth course. Thanks to him, it looked better than most country clubs in the city. Most of the people who work at metro were there just to collect a paycheck, but Joey genuinely cared about making not only Shawnee, but the other courses he was a part of be the best they could possibly be. Metro lost a real asset when they fired him. My only hope is that they found a proper replacement. He never should have lost his job though, regardless of whether not they could replace him.

  13. I like to believe I followed the proper channels as far as the whistleblower act. I know I followed the proper channels for making a complaint. I made the proper phone calls. turned in the proper paperwork. I followed up with HR by making phone calls. I documented every phone call every email. every visit to creason and city hall.

    I went to Nancy Ray who I thought was the head of HR. I let her know, I had some information of unethical practices. after asking who the complaint was about. she informed me since she worked under Mike Heitz and Marty Storch. I would have to take my complaint to Lynn Fleming’s office. I then made a complaint to that office.

    Early on I called a person at the Mayor’s office. as well as emailing, through FB. a person on the Metro Council. letting that person know I had information about some unethical practices. (the information had to do with missing scrap metal money and Heitz drinking) that person, I was told. would contact another council member. (Kelly Downard) in hopes of setting up a meeting. and/or get advice on what I needed to do. for political purposes. I prefer to not disclose who that Metro Council member is.

    Months later I got in touch with Mr. Downards office. I will give Kelly Downard credit for calling me back in a very timely manner. as well as putting me in contact with the proper person who could give me all the information/ paperwork to file a complaint with the ethics committee. he seemed to genuinely care. I called Jim King’s office and never got a response.

  14. Wow I’m flattered to read the nice comments from people I have never met as well as friends and people I used to work with.
    Matt. Bonniesituation. BG Reader I’m sure I know who you guys are not 100% thanks.

    Lateshiftatthezoo G-town, Jtt, S canned. I have seen you guy’s/gals leave comments on thevillevoice. seems you guy’s/gals have some good inside information. as well as being up to date and informative. it’s always good to see people get involved and care about their city.

    My friends and former co workers are correct. I really cared about golf. especially Metro Parks Golf. I grew up playing Iroquois. Bobby Nichols Seneca and Sun Valley golf courses. golf was a great way for my friends and I to stay out of trouble. my first real job was at a golf course.

    I love the game of golf. we have 9 great public golf courses in the city of Louisville. I’m glad I had the chance to help and make a difference when it came to golf course maintenance. it was nice to have a job that I was excited to go to each day. I probably would have done it for free.

    I’m thankful my kids live in a city. that has great public golf. although one of my 2 son’s has a disability that doesn’t allow him to play golf. he still enjoys going with me to the course. and I’m looking forward to my youngest learning the game on the same courses I learned on.

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