Hear A Local Teevee Guy Lose His Marbles Live

Occasionally during an incident where the media is present, a reporter or camera person will lose their marbles, get super-egotistical and treat emergency workers or fellow media folks with absolute disrespect.

Like this incident a few minutes ago:


We can only assume it was someone with WLKY who needs an attitude adjustment. Because this is local teevee, not Good Morning America.

5 thoughts on “Hear A Local Teevee Guy Lose His Marbles Live

  1. Don’t know who the guy was that said “act like an adult” but, he may want to take some of his own advise.

  2. I’ll tell you, the person you hear is not a WLKY reporter. But, they are a reporter for another TV news station. It’s probably best not to make assumptions.

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