Happy Anniversary To Greg Fischer And Crew!

One year ago Greg’s Metro Parks director was caught drinking and driving in a city vehicle at KT’s.

Literally nothing happened to the guy, despite a brief paid vacation.

But the whistleblower on the whole mess was dragged through the mud, fired and ignored.

Possibility City!

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Greg Fischer And Crew!

  1. And S Reynolds continues to harrass and intimidate anyone she thinks is critical of her or her cronies
    She doesn’t know much about employment laws for a attorney. Her temper and lack of intelligence will get city sued again and good employees wil keep leaving

  2. What percentage of the Metro fiscal year budget is for paying off lawsuits?
    What percentage is for paying attorneys to handle lawsuits?
    What percentage is for “punitive” PAID leave?

  3. Fisher really proved he wasn’t a leader when this happened. I think he knew Heitz was going there to drink. That is why he didn’t fire him.

  4. As we reported, Fischer did know about Heitz.

    The Metro Parks Whistleblower, Joey Sears, had informed Fischer and his staffers months in advance and Greg chose to sweep it under the rug.

    As was proved with Zelinsky was “resigned,” it takes a sex scandal to get any positive change out of George’s Son.

  5. When it comes to Mike Heitz getting caught. Mayor Fischer and his crew, shouldn’t blame Mr.Sears. If it wasn’t for the earlier actions of Marty Storch and Jt. Conroy. Mr. Sears would never have made the report to HR about Heitz. If Mayor Fischer and Mike Heitz want to blame anyone other than themselves for the embarrassment. they should look directly under the nose of Mike Heitz .

  6. After 1 year. it’s still nice to see folks come to the Villevoice, posting comments, sharing facts about how things really are when it comes to working in the parks dept. as well as other Metro dept’s.

    I would have never know about Jake and the Villevoice. if it wasn’t for someone I know who works in the Mayor’s office. (I will never expose who that person is.) but I’m thankful for the information. if it wasn’t for Jake and his staff. this story would have been forgotten. as well as many other stories. such a LMAS. LEMS.

    I witnessed Mike Heitz doing something that I knew was unethical. unfortunately I had the bad luck of losing a job I loved. because I reported it.

    As far as harboring any hard feeling towards anyone from the Parks dept . that is not my style. I still to this day promote public golf in the city of Louisville. just as I did while I was working in golf.

    Does that mean I will ever forget. No I will never forget the things my family and I had to endure.

    As far as Mike Heitz. I can only hope that by reporting him for drinking and driving. opened his eyes, to the fact that he. in my opinion and the opinion of many others had a drinking problem. I hope he was able to face his problem and get the help he needed . I hope that after a year he and Mayor Fischer, have looked back on this. admitting that his actions could have resulted in someone losing their life. admitting that I did the right thing. that I didn’t deserve to lose my job.


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