Fischer Admin Hits Yet Another Whistleblower

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A Louisville high school student has been taken into custody after authorities say he threatened to kill school staff. [WDRB]

Another day, another whistleblower scandal in Louisville Metro Government. This time involving a police officer who did the right thing. And you wonder why people get so pissed. [C-J/AKN]

Police say this guy who ran from them in the Shawnee neighborhood had an AK-47. That should make you feel really safe, obviously. [WAVE3]

That’s “transparency” Greg Fischer can believe in. The next time you submit a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. government, it may end up in the hands of a company you’ve never heard of. [Bloomberg]

Basically, you can’t trust leaving your kids at a daycare without some pervert working there who happens to be a sex offender. [WHAS11]

Kentucky was ranked No. 24 in terms of states with the best business tax climate, according to The Tax Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that monitors tax policy. [Business First]

A record number of people are registered to vote in next month’s election, but exactly who are these voters? [WLKY]

Louisville’s solid waste board is set to vote on the city’s five-year plan at the end of this month. If it passes, residents could see changes in how their trash is handled and recycled. [WFPL]

What a Kentucky antique dealer thought was a neat aircraft part caused police to evacuate her store in Paris. [H-L]

A month after Sellersburg teenager Ethan Hunter Bennett was last seen driving his parents’ silver Jaguar, local police and Bennett’s family still haven’t been able to find him or the car. [C-J/AKN]

2 thoughts on “Fischer Admin Hits Yet Another Whistleblower

  1. It’s good that folks are thinking about solutions & economies for our waste management. But… I found myself mostly focusing on cost to the tax payers, & whether these proposals might result in more trash attracting more vermin & more visual pollution. On costs — we urban services residents have “eaten” past changes in the reduction of frequency of services, thinking we were being good sports in a restricted economy. Now I feel any other reductions MUST be accompanied by a corresponding DECREASE in the taxes which we pay for these services. Their solutions must have their own built-in cost savings – or revenue generators – that will also result in an actual REAL cost savings for tax-payers.

  2. Advice to anyone who see’s any wrong doing while working Metro Government. sit back and don’t say a word about it. just collect your paycheck. Fischer and his crew aren’t going to listen to you. they don’t care. they will pull any stunt they can. to try to ruin your life.

    The best thing you can do. is contact Jake. then send him any evidence and facts you have. on whom ever it is. after that contact a lawyer and let him know what you have done. then keep your mouth shut and let them try to figure out who spilled the beans.

    Don’t go to HR. don’t tell your fellow co-workers. and for god sake don’t tell your union.

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